Placed under the operating voltage of 110 kV outdoor switchgear Sheremetyevo

Ltd. "Vympelsetstroy" (GC "Vympel") has called the new operating voltage of a 110 kV substation "Sheremetyevo". Customer construction works — OJSC "Moscow United Electric Grid."

The company's specialists perezavedeno a new open distribution system (OS), 110 kV and placed under tension by the permanent scheme of 110 kV "Bely Rast — Sheremetyevo".

According to the Technical Director of "Vympelsetstroy" Alexander Skopintseva, "currently ongoing work upon replacement of a new 110 kV switchyard" Sheremetyevo — Meadow "and 110 kV" Sheremetyevo — Recently. "

Recall that in the framework of a comprehensive reconstruction of the substation "Sheremetyevo" The construction of the closed distribution system (CSG) and 10 kV Substation Control (GTC). In the substation control building panels installed DC and needs, battery, means of relay protection and emergency control systems, communication systems, and automated accounting systems of electricity (AMR) and the process control system (APCS).

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