PLANTS hypersonic missile will cost 81 billion rubles

November 28. To ensure shells MANPADS Defense Ministry will build two large factories — in Kirov and Nizhny Novgorod

By 2014, in Russia there will be two big factory to produce hypersonic missiles 77N6 and 77N6-N-H1 complexes for the latest missile defense (NMD): S-400 «Triumph» and C-500 «Prometheus».
— These missiles anti-aircraft missiles (C-400 and C-500) will be able to shoot down any purpose, soaring at speeds up to 7 km / s, including nuclear warheads of ballistic missiles, — explained the «News» source in the military- industrial complex.
At the moment, the C-500 has created, and S-400 missiles 48N6 old shoots and 9M96.
Rockets 77N6 and 77N6-N-H1 will be the first Russian missiles with inert warheads. They will destroy enemy nuclear missiles kinetic method — simply put, a clear hit in the body at high speed. With all of this explosive will not be necessary. According to the calculations of engineers, collision at a speed of 7 km / s guaranteed to destroy at least some floating object.
The same principle works and South American interceptor missiles SM-3. But just to get into the fast-moving projectile is very difficult, it needs an easy system for calculating the trajectory of flight of a nuclear warhead. Because Russian missile defense system for Moscow A-135 outfitted with nuclear «bombs», which exploded in the path of a flying target. But such nuclear explosion could cause more harm than the warhead itself.
According to the interlocutor of «Izvestia», the creation of Kirov plant will cost the budget 41.6 billion rubles, in Nizhny Novgorod — in 39.5 billion.
Both companies belong Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey». Joint plan of the Ministry of Defense and the Department of Arms concern first rocket will give the military first in 2014. To implement the plan management group appealed to Vnesheconombank for a loan at 25 billion rubles, and the Defense Ministry is ready to invest 35 billion.
Without regular missile complexes «Triumph» until use of old products from the C-300. Their destruction range is about 200 km, although the C-400 are designed to intercept targets at distances twice. «Prometheus» yet, but stroll rumors that experienced standards already beheld it on one, then on another site.
— From «Triumph» somehow found a way out, but with the approach being on «Prometheus» problem: rockets from the C-300 can not shoot it. So as not to repeat the experience of the C-400, is required to make the creation of missiles at once from the beginning of serial production of the complex, and not later than 2014, — said «Izvestia» in the Defense Ministry.
— New missile differ from of old housing design, electronics and control systems homing. Need to update the entire production base concern, which is more than 81.1 billion rubles. In another conventional ABM missile production would not — told «Izvestia» an informed source in the defense industry.
Upgrading to «Almaz-Anthea» was planned in 2008. Then concern Vnesheconombank agreed with the loan amount and the schedule of joint made with the MOD works, but the economic crisis tore plans.
Lack of staff hinders missiles currently equipping the Air Force and the Forces Aerospace Defense (ASD) systems S-400. Since 2007, they have received only seven divisions, and all of them should be 56.
According to the views of the Director of the Institute for Strategic Assessments Alexander Konovalov, plans to start creating missiles by 2014 may not be met.
— Management of the country belongs to the defense as to the machine with Coke. Throw money received by the Bank. But with the Russian defense industry is not so simple, and investing huge amounts of money does not guarantee a product accurately and on time. By the way, the discussion around the C-500 are unclear, perhaps it is not even in the form of sketches — Konovalov told «Izvestia».

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