Poltergeist on the ISS: the astronauts hear noise like a drum beats




During the last session the crew reported to the Earth about the strange sounds coming to the station. In the words of lead NASA, Russian cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri, who claims to have heard a noise like a drum beats.

This post has puzzled experts — according to them, all the systems on board the ISS are working properly. According to the source, "Russian experts analyze the cause of unexplained sounds that are heard on the eve of the ISS crew." "On board the many different systems, including thermal hydraulic system, perhaps — it pops one of its valves" — said the employee MCC.

"Such incidents in MCC treated as working points, but for each under investigation," — said the source. ITAR-TASS.

Something similar has happened in the station at the end of November last year. Then Alexander Kaleri and his U.S. counterpart — Michael Foale heard a sound like a rattle crushes a tin can.

Astronauts have decided that the ship hit a foreign object. But signs of a collision and have not found — check showed that the casing of the station in order. Source strange noise is not set yet.

According to Russian media materials


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