Poltergeist — thats us!




IT SEEMS the International Space Station wound up brownie. In November last year, he scared the crew knocked on the door of one of the modules. And in early April again reminded himself — issued drumbeat has puzzled both the astronauts and mission control personnel on the Earth. As acknowledged by the inhabitants of the ISS, they regularly hear strange noises in the orbit, the source of which is not possible to install.

PROBABLY few seriously accept the version of "space Barabashka": that we live in an age of high technology, what the hell brownies? But recent research scientists show that the poltergeist phenomenon is quite physical. It is associated with the bioenergy of the person who is its "carrier". In Moscow, even acts Service "emergency" in poltergeists. By the way, the only one in the whole country.

Listen carefully to the woman called, the operator asks her probing questions: "Who else lives with you in your apartment? How old is his son? Conflicts often? "After 10 minutes of conversation, it becomes clear that in this case it is not a poltergeist, but a banal children's pranks. Such cases — the vast majority: for example, hundreds of service calls "emergency" attention professionals deserve only one or two. Very often a source of mysterious sounds can become an object behind the wall, the old plank floors, wind gusts in the voids. One skilled in the art of "first aid" had to build complex graphics noise only to install: on the wall cavity knocks a pebble stuck in the web. And the owner of the house is opening very upset: "I've got so used to communicate with it! Why do I need a little stone, I "barabashka" need! "

But lucky for "Barabashka" (that is, the real poltergeist), as has been said, only a few. However, the luck it can be called a stretch.

Video surveillance
"The first feeling that occurs when a collision with a poltergeist — quivering terror. And it's mixed with a feeling of complete helplessness and inability to explain a phenomenon — says president of the Parapsychology them. LL Vasiliev and head of "emergency" in the poltergeist MD Andrew Lee. — Especially scary "fire" Poltergeist: the flame flares up suddenly and in the most unexpected places. In Kolomna our eyes burned down the whole apartment. We found two seats of fire: one was inside the upholstery of the sofa, the other — within the concrete (!) Walls in the kitchen. And there is no electrical wiring was not in sight! "

To establish the fact of the true (or, conversely, fictitious) poltergeist, a team of "first aid" comes to the challenge with his equipment. This is a common video surveillance system. The cameras installed in all rooms. Video analysis allows you to quickly clarify the situation. For example, Andrew Lee puts the tape. On the screen you can see how the apartment is haunting superstitious old woman with icons and crosses (apparently "barabashka" procedure took grandma), and behind her granddaughters negligent cup upsets, throws books, alarm clock and even a hammer. The old woman gasps, but does not understand.

Here is another case. The boy is sitting on the couch. Suddenly, behind him, flashing a faint light — lights up for no apparent reason sofa upholstery. The boy runs into the next room, calling my mom, and together they pour the flames with water.

So, the poltergeist phenomenon exists, it is foolish to deny. There is even a classification — "fire", "audio", "motor", "water" (in these cases appear in the air jets of water on the floor and furniture formed puddles) poltergeist. Ever recorded there was a set of hypotheses attempting to explain this phenomenon: the induced damage, the essence of the parallel world, the door to the fifth dimension, the traces of aliens … Of course, with a serious scientific knowledge of these versions do not have anything in common.

"The phenomenon of poltergeist activity is inseparable from the man, his" media "- continues to Andrew Lee. — "Media", without knowing it, is able to influence the strength of his bio on the subjects. Suppose a family has three people, but only one of them is a poltergeist. But with him, and we have to work in the first place. For a start, we use techniques which allow to translate "fire" poltergeist in the "motor" and be more secure. Then give the person understand his psychic abilities — it's not a punishment, but the gift of fate. They can lose forever, and you can save and send a useful direction. "

In Soviet times, people have tried to investigate the phenomena in academic institutions. Now they are engaged enthusiasts on a voluntary basis. They push and scientific hypotheses poltergeist. Thus, the researcher VA CHudinov most promising model considers the effect of cryogenic — fast, sometimes explosion in temperature change in a small region of space. Then, the hearth is ignited, or alternatively, selection of air moisture. "Explosion kriobomby" can move objects or destroying them. And the energy required for the cryogenic effect, "carrier" poltergeist draws from surrounding sources noted that when pranks "Barabashka" household electricity meters record high cost of kilowatt-hours.

Peak service calls "emergency" in the poltergeists in the spring and fall. So, it's time to take a closer look and to listen to the mysterious phenomena in your apartment! And in the summer, as the joke parapsychologists, "barabashka" goes on a holiday in the countryside.

Anecdote to this topic
Two ghosts walk through the castle. Suddenly somewhere floorboard creaked, and one ghost in fear pressed against the other.

— Are you believe in these fairy tales about the living? — Asked him another ghost.



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