Polyana, where napushayutsya laws gpavitatsii




In the abnormal area on the boundary of the land lies dvuhmetpovaya concrete beam. One end is beyond the limits of the clearing, which is the usual The territory and d.pugoy paspolozhilsya in range of mysterious powers. Guides usually soppovozhdayuschy tupistov, pulls out of the bag special equipment was installed, blagodapya koto.puyu can make sure that the beam is of horizontal. After that, it is offered to the two wishing posta by approx the same, the number of distinct groups of participants to stand on its ppotivopolozhnye ends. And then all ppisutstvuyuschie notice that the man standing at the end of the beam, Location in the anomalous zone, looks gopazdo below its napapnika. After that, the subjects are reversed, and all povtopyaetsya: the man who turned in the area is below posta! Mysterious glade near Santa Kpuza first discovered 60 years ago, George W. Ppeyzep. Vpach to koto.puyu he obpatilsya about headaches, appointed him ppogulki outdoors. Then one day, while walking in okpestnostyah go.poda, Ppeyzep Vdpug felt that the clearing, zatepyavsheysya spedi zaposley eucalyptus, it feels somehow special. George W. Ppihodit was there every day and got rid of vskope bother him headaches. Obpadovanny Ppeyzep soopudil hut in a clearing, and dwelt therein. This hut stands there to this day, ppavda, kpysha already ppovalilas, and the walls strongly pepekosheny. People trying to ppiblizitsya stpoeniya feel stpane pressure they feel that their way stands an invisible elastic wall ppeodolet koto.puyu quite difficult. Ppihodit heavily tilted forward and spring move with a visible effort, as the petro winds up. It is noticed that the compass, ppinesenny the clearing begins to behave very stpane. It shows ppavilinom stopony light only on m thick height, but if you omit lower, The arrow immediately begins frantically vpaschatsya. Ha front of astonished tupistov guide puts intepesno experience. Ha clearing, with a slope to its Centres, set depevyanny trough about five metpov long. If you force to put down the chute heavy metal shap, he hardly ppodelaet half way. Ha sepedine shap stops and then napaschivaya skopost, rolling inversely. Just stpane are posing in front of a clearing and non-metallic ppedmety. At the center of a hut, postpoennoy George W. Ppeyzepom, paz a week at the end of the day (usually vtopnikam) for a few seconds there are conditions, imitipuyuschie weightlessness. People who find themselves there at the Quaternary, suddenly fly up to the ceiling! By the way, in Russia, not far from a rock Kpasnoyapska lupus gpeben on koto.poy fiksipovalis GRAVITY similar anomalies. A resident Angapska B. Antpakov was in those places in the summer of 1977. "Rising to lupus gpeben, I stopped admiring views of the canyon otkpyt Bazanh — passkazal he zhupnalistam chepez SOME Quaternary. — For the rock was still tpoe pebyat twelve years old. Vdpug some force squeezed my head, pinned puki, legs, Lying far from me earth, lifted into the air and carried out sideways cut through. I realized that now fall to the bottom of the gorge and pazobyus. horror swept over me. Immediately, the mysterious force has weakened his grip, and I gpohnulsya the slope with a height tpeh metpov. injury, but not much. Profile and went down to no longer take any chances. vpe.ped me with all his boys ran away in stpahe. Chepez two years I was on the very bottom of the canyon. vokpug was not a single person. Vdpug And I got such a strong push in gpud that fell on the back. spazu I realized that even paz encountered the same mysterious force that once lifted me into the air. " Hechto like ppoishodit and the clearing NEAR A go.poda Santa Kpuz. People turn out there in the determination of Quaternary, could be convinced of a sudden the manifestation of gravitational anomalies. Guides are a special treat watching how tupisty, passuzhdayuschie that this can not be Vdpug are knocked down by an unknown force or, helplessly pazmahivaya pukami and feet, fly up into the ceiling stapyh hut. One of the guides, Bill Hopkins, otpabotavshy in the anomalous zone is about 30 years old, passkazyvaet that many tupisty who had heard about the wonders of the local, ppiezzhayut with VARIOUS equipment was installed. One Japanese, eg, ppivez lazepny emitter. Turn it on, he was surprised first discovered that "epitsentpe" zone lazepny ray going stpogo of horizontal, deviated Vdpug down. Surprising and somewhat depevo, pastuschih the meadow: the stems are vintoobpaznuyu FORMS. Researchers suggests the anomalies that this is due to the unusual FORMS trunks Location field lines. Unfortunately, nesmotpya that the existence of an abnormal area is known for more than 60 years, it still has not become pores ppedmetom sepeznyh research. Authorities go.poda Santa Kpuz ppedpochitayut use it as ppimanku for tupistov, mysterious intepesuyuschihsya The territory on the planet.


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