Power cables from the Sun into space

It looks like a UFO near the sun is no surprise. Therefore, the researchers moved on to another puzzle, which is also related our star. It turns out that the incredible power cables from the Sun in deep space record since 2007.

Several TV spots, posted on YouTube, using Google Earth image. The authors reveal a giant cosmic energy "cables" or "pipe". Part suggests that this may be an artifact, the result of "image stitching" used Google, while others believe that it is some kind of alien technology …

Posted on December 25, 2012

One of these "cosmic cables" comes directly from our sun, which does not speak in favor of the version of "image stitching" program of Google. The author of the video suggests that the "cables" — part of the force field and the electric power supply of non-physical forms of energy (plasma life) with the help of solar energy. If so, then it suggests blocking of entire regions of the universe, not just the Earth. "

As usual, the official institutions of the United States are silent about these images and their causes, "- writes the user FireSky

"At NASA SOHO images were captured repeatedly countless UFOs around the Sun. Google Earth now shows us another anomaly in the Sun. It seems a giant "cable" coming from the Sun to other areas in space. Maybe a giant UFO and these "cosmic cables" are somehow connected? These "cables" cover vast distances in space.

They are used to draw energy from the sun? Whether they are "power lines"? Are they navaids, "hinges aliens"? Strange coincidence, but these cables appear since the images NASA SOHO sealed so many giant UFOs around our Sun?

Used images from 15 May 2012. Date of 2007, which appears superimposed program Google Earth, and shows the date of the Digital Sky Survey used by the program. (DSS Consortium) Google Earth does not display images in real time. The database who take on base is updated approximately every three years. If you have Google Earth, you can check it out for yourself, and the study of "giant cables in space" is quite fascinating.


In my opinion, a civilization that has had the good sense and technology to receive and transmit energy from the sun, you should get and pass it without the help of the primitive Earth technology (cables).


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