Powerful explosion in the crater of a volcano of Colima in Mexico demanded the evacuation of 3,000 tourists

January 8, 2013. As the Metoweb, on the day of the Epiphany, a strong the explosion of the volcano of Colima (Volcan de Fuego deColima ("Fire volcano") In Mexico demanded the introduction of the state of high alert in the Mexican system of civil protection in the immediate evacuation of about 3000 tourists from the National Park Nevado deColima.

At places around the volcano ash fell abundantly, above the top of the mountain and a cloud of emissions of rock and lava to a height of more than 2 km. At the same time, due to the fact that there was no evidence of any damage, there was no need to evacuate from the vicinity of the volcano, and witnesses the explosion were able to enjoy the unique spectacle of nature. However, in the coming days, it is possible that the eruption could intensify. As a precautionary measure, the national park is closed to visitors indefinitely.

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