Practical shooting, bombing, field exercises.

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The young replenishment tank units TSB learns to hit moving targets

Recruits tank units combined arms unification of the Eastern Military District (OIE), deployed in the Amur region, started to practice fire weapons from tanks.

In the field, they work out the issues of combat coordination of crews with the exercises target practice. The focus of the training tank crews made their acquisition of skills by firing on the move on emerging and moving targets, as well as the destruction of low-flying air attack simulated enemy heavy machine gun of the tank.

The main difficulty in the implementation is that the target appeared in the area of fire damage in a very short time, and this requires immediate military response and accuracy.

About 50% of practical training is carried out at night.

Press service of the Eastern Military District

Pilots of tactical aircraft of the Eastern Military District started practical bombing

At the air base of the Eastern Military District (OIE), stationed in Khabarovsk Krai, in the flight crew training Sukhoi Su-24M entered a phase of practical bombing.

Within five days of military pilots have to perform flight tactical tasks in the units with combat launches missiles and bombing multiple targets at ranges of aircraft, where fitted models that simulate troop columns and simulated enemy command posts.

During tactical flight training pilots bombers Su-24M will make up to 50 sorties a day.

In providing practical steps involved bombing the entire flight and engineering staff of the air base, as well as specialists logistics and communications. The main objective of fighting rockets and bombings — improving flight crew natrenirovannosti bombers and combat use of aircraft at low temperatures.

Press service of the Eastern Military District

Scouts of the Central Military District took to the field training

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