Presentation of the Dedovo Field

Dedovo Field reborn again!

In Chagoda area burned the first batch of peat, here started the project on the use of the region's local fuels. The project has been the Scientific and Production Company StroyTransKomplekt supported by the Administration and the Corporation Chagoda district of the Vologda region. The project includes the development of a peat deposit "Dedovo Field" in the village of Borisov. The company is focused on the local market — the boiler Chagoda, Ustyuzhensk and Babayevsky areas and for export.

The field has already resumed production of sod and milled peat, works at the production site, created the first jobs and taxpayer-registered company in Borisov.

Word and deed are not diverge

On Tuesday, August 7, Borisov held a public local boiler furnace lump peat production "NPK" STK ". In "Dedovo Field" came investor — "Research and Production Company StroyTransKomplekt" with the most serious intentions. Until recently, the company did not advertise the work carried out in the field, as is done at the moment a lot. They have already prepared more than five thousand tons of sod peat, created the first jobs for the local population with a competitive salary, produced work on beautification and restoration of an abandoned industrial site of the former peat enterprise.

In addition to the test furnace working meeting in which participated representatives of the Administration and Chagoda Babayevsky areas sel'kiy settlement Borisov, potential buyers of products, suppliers of boiler equipment and containers, guide the nearby peat enterprise.

The meeting was held by the General Director of LLC "NPK" STK "Victor Orinichev.

Viktor answered a reporter's questions.

-How is your organization here? What are the reasons?

-It's a long story. We came from Cherepovets. Our company is engaged in production and sale of building materials and non-metallic minerals. We considered several fields for investment, but "Dedovo Field" was the most appropriate in terms of transport costs and the quality of the peat. For three years we have studied the national and international experience of successful Peat, looking for markets.

-What are the reasons that you do peat extraction?

-I must say that now a lot of attention given to renewable energy, switching to alternative sources, the use of local fuels. It is we hardly ever used. In the year sold more than 100 million tons of coal for the needs of utilities. And it's expensive, imported product, it is necessary to ensure stability of supply and the quality of the fuel. In the three peat enterprise to its last breath, but they are working on agriculture, energy seriously no one did, except that the "Dedovo Field" once, and then only for their own needs. The policy of the state is such that it is necessary to use more natural resources. In the area there is no gas, no oil, but there is peat — cheap fuel. I think that 2013 will be revealing. Today, we only tried their hand at the technique that was left of peat enterprise "Dedovo field."

We now have the support of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Finland signed a tripartite agreement with the Finnish company, which will be our general contractor and ensure the supply of equipment for different methods of extraction of peat and pellet plant.

At the meeting were presented characteristics of the deposit and plans for the coming year:

-There are several types of peat, which we would like to do. Milled peat and sod peat, which we have already begun to do, briquettes and unified product of peat — it's pellets, which consume mostly foreign consumers. But it is already in the central Russia have started using pellet boilers. The field "Dedovo field" is one of the biggest in the North-Western Federal District of proven reserves of 110 million tons. Peat from the field has a low ash content. Development of the field is conducted since 1923.

In addition to deposits in peat enterprise has a production site in the village of Borisov, who is now in a deplorable state. Will first be given in normal construction, to be able to exploit them. In the winter, the shop opens briquette production undercovering on new technology. Also, the fence around the plant appears. Protection will be introduced and put in order.

In the near future will be to sort the population's access to the field to ensure the Fire and Industrial Safety.

As for the packaging of products, it is packed in big bags polipropillenovye, which is perfectly kept.

The meeting was made by the district head Alexander Kosenkov:

-My last year was a theme of the opening pleased peat enterprise. But then it was not clear who would come to the territory of Chagoda district. In the spring of this year, when the company's executives came and told of the plans, it became clear that we were visited by a serious investor. And today I see a definite result of the company. All it means is that the investor is willing to invest in peat extraction and processing, and to develop the enterprise. We are ready to support the company in all endeavors. Most importantly, the new company will breathe new life and for settlement and for the people.

And guests visited the swamp, where neat rows was lying finished products.



From official sources: "At the end of July a working visit of leaders of" Research and Production Company StroyTransKomplekt "(" NPK STK ") in Finland

In the period from 25 to 27 July 2012 in Finland is visiting the company "Research and Production Company StroyTransKomplekt" ("NPK STK"), Cherepovets. The company together with the Finnish partners preparing a project for extraction and use of peat on the objects of communal energy of the Vologda region, as well as the construction of a plant for production of fuel pellets.

July 25, a delegation headed by the General Director of LLC "NPK STK" Victor Orinichevym took trade representative Valery Shlyamin. The sides discussed prospects for further promotion of the project with the participation of Finnish companies. Representatives of the "NPK STK 'recommendations on possible scenarios of project funding.

July 26 Trade Mission to the signing of the Protocol of Intent between the "NPK STK" and the Finnish construction company "Bafoev" aimed at cooperation in the supply of equipment for the production and deep processing of peat, construction of small thermal power plants and biofuel pellet complex in the Vologda region. " It's all about Borisov and settlement.

The newspaper "Iskra". Tatiana Zvonova.

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