Presentation of the portal machines for plasma / flame cutting

Today, on the 18th anniversary of AZ "Chaika-Service", in the production area of the plant, the presentation of portal machines for plasma / flame cutting.
Guests of the event was shown on the haul. The presentation was attended by the staff of the Volga-Vyatka Bank of Sberbank of Russia: Maxim Averianov credit officer and head of Client Department Grebenev Paul, "Exchange + Auto": Chalkov editor-in-chief and correspondent Oleg Sorokin Alexander.
Machine for plasma / flame cutting "Crystal-1, 5" was purchased for the production of motor vehicles is even better. At present, has completed the installation and setup the machine for the job. This machine will provide a high-precision shape nesting sheet metal ferrous, nonferrous metals and their alloys by oxygen plasma or flame cutting.
Thickness treated steel 1.5 to 35 mm and punched at 60 mm from the edge of the sidebar.
"Crystal-1, 5" allows you to cut sheets up to a width of 1.5 meters and a length of 4 meters.
This machine provides the geometric accuracy Scribe ± 0,02 mm and a high velocity of 18 m / / min with a high dynamic characteristics of movement while traversing the contour of small parts and sharp edges.

Is used to control industrial computer class Pentium III / Pentium IV, as well as 15-inch LCD monitor industry performance.

This design and control system allows optimum cutting mode to ensure quality and cutting performance when cutting sheet figure of any complexity.

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