President of Bashkortostan visited Ufa Transformer Factory

Plant for the production of power and distribution transformers built holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD." President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov acquainted with the manufacturing plants, testing sites and met with the General Director of JSC "ELEKTROZAVOD" Leonid Makarevich.

Transformer factory is equipped with advanced production equipment of leading world companies. In the production of embedded advanced clean technologies, many of which have recently begun to apply international manufacturers and have not been used in Russia. The plant has the latest computer control system of the production, from the development of design documentation to shipping and service of outstanding products. Production capacity of the Ufa transformer plant will exceed 27 million KW per year.
"The appearance of such an enterprise in Bashkortostan — a momentous event — said Rustem Khamitov. — Today, Ufa transformer plant is perhaps one of the most advanced companies in the industry. As a specialist in the field of power, I can say that here the use of advanced technology. I am confident that the plant will be able to take a significant part of the market transformers in Russia. " According to the president of Bashkortostan, the plant implemented exemplary social issues employees and provides a comfortable working environment.
During a meeting with the President of Bashkortostan General Director of "ELEKTROZAVOD" Leonid Makarevich said: "With the release of our businesses to project power significantly increase tax revenues to the national budget. Overall, since becoming a part of our company Ufa plant "Electroapparat", as well as the construction and commissioning of the Ufa transformer factory, tax payments to the budgets of regional and social funds Bashkortostan exceeded 730 million rubles. ".

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