President of Russia recognized the juvenile justice risky …

President of Russia recognized the juvenile justice risky and warned against undue interference in the family

Russian President Vladimir Putin unexpectedly for journalists arrived at the event, called the "First Congress of Russian parents." Organizers in favor of the prohibition of foreign adoptions, as well as against the juvenile justice system. Speaking at the congress of parents in Moscow, Vladimir Putin said that Russia should be done to orphans acquire a family in their home country. The President also noted that the state can not interfere in the domestic affairs only in emergency situations, the action "extremely gently, avoiding the cold formalism and make every effort to preserve and support the full family.

The forum was attended by delegates from 60 regions of the country, has announced the opening of its leader of the movement "Essence of Time" Sergei Kurginyan. This movement and the Association of parents' associations and communities and Russia initiated the convening of the congress.

The congress opened at noon, and at first there were no signs of arrival of the first persons of the state. The meeting was opened Kurginyan, announced the establishment of the new organization "All-Russia parental resistance" and emotionally denounced belolentochnuyu juvenile justice and pro-Western opposition. In the middle of the speech entered the hall head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov. Having listened performance analyst, he took the podium and said that he considered the congress themes apply to all Russians, because all of us parents. Ivanov was going to read out a greeting the president, but suddenly said: "As it happens in life, plans changed and from minute to minute Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin should be here." At these words, to deafening applause Putin entered the hall. Getting up to the microphone, he explained that he considered it his duty to personally explain the position of the government.

Putin, speaking at the Congress, expressed the opinion that "a number of provisions of the laws of social patronage and control over the rights of orphans in the interpretation of ambiguous contain explicit social risks." As the President said, these standards "are not fully taken into account Russian family tradition."

Kurginyan, supporting Putin said that against the adoption of the so-called juvenile bills collected nearly 200,000 "is not online, and the signatures of the living." He criticized some are already taking place the results of practical application of the mechanisms of juvenile justice "on Russian soil." Including — informed about the facts of unwarranted removal of children from their families by the guardianship.

At the Congress established a new public organization — "Parental all-Russian resistance." The president offered support true patriots of Russia, which are represented in this organization. Sergei Ivanov sure that gathered reflect the opinions of the majority of Russians.

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