Presidential car — not one but many


Russia has created not just a domestic limousine, and a whole line of cars. Head of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kozhin told about how a new car for the head of state. The new line of cars for the country's leadership will be developed according to the principles of public-private partnership (PPP). The team, which offered the best model to win the competition, said Vladimir Kozhin. "In our country are not a good situation in terms of both choice and competitive offers on road transport, — said the head of the administration of President. — You know what automakers have already built their plants and produce cars here. Formally, these cars are the cars produced in Russia — is and "Ford" and "BMW" and "Toyota" on the way other projects. " Vladimir Kozhin said that at the moment in the development of the presidential car involved 2 teams. "Today, there are two teams that prepare specific proposals. They relate both to the ideology — that is the basis on which to run this process in Russia, as well as the appearance, to

ntsepta these machines, — he said. — It is the Russian team, but they act in cooperation with major international partners. In the solution of the problem is also involved domestic science. "Kojin recalled that some time ago they were making the problem of creating the domestic line of cars — from the executive limousine to the car in the simplest configuration — the" people's car. "

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