Press about the exhibition match Russia — Brazil


Browser "Soviet Sport" Yuri Tsybanev in his new material, analyzes the game of the national team, and notes that a goal is scored Brazilian football fans will long be remembered.

"The One with our goal to include in the video library of the national football values. In teams of the USSR and Russia were different games with the Brazilians. Happened, and it won. But I'm pretty confident that highlight here is a long-drawn piece — no, kusische! — From the previous games would not work. When magicians — albeit not in the morning, and late at night — shot from a rifle platoon Russian, "- says columnist. 

According to observations of the browser, in London the Russian team was able to play without complexes. "I do not see that the Brazilians for a long time, they have conducted, caressing the ball. Rate the other: how prudently our deprived of their operational space. As hampered without giving unleash maneuver. How competently lined up a line of defense. Put simply, the Brazilians looked masters of the situation on the field. Went a such a cat-and-mouse. Come find crack, geeks — yes torment! And let initiation Hulk opened in the end of our competitors do not even slot, and the whole gap, cat and acumen of our calculation is still made an impression. On the field, keeping the situation of dynamic equilibrium "- the author notes.

"Out of Monday's game, I made sense of who really want to trust. Namely, the Russian team in the scale of world football, it seems, is preparing to replace the provincial self-awareness for metropolitan. It's well worth it — to play in London, the cradle of football, with pentakampeonami on more-less with a sense of dignity. If anyone thought that the team is not quite Scolari gave all the best — from our side can easily pick up the balancing argument "- sums up the reporter.

"I think that the defeat of Brazil»

Olympic Champion 1988 Yuri Savitchev in the next issue of the newspaper "Soviet Sport" "Sports day after day," also shares thoughts on the game with pentakampeonami held. Statement by the Russian team at "Stamford Bridge", according to the winner of the Seoul Olympics, made him proud.

"I really liked our team. Especially attracted attention aggression, aiming to attack. I admit, looking at the benefit, which was in Russia in the first 15 minutes, I thought that it will crush Brazil. After all, five-time champion of the world is often called the magicians — you always expect them to control the ball, beautiful combinations of competitive advantage. So, all that they did not have — and not just because our players are not allowed. Of course, this can be explained by the fact that, in preparation for the World Cup home, the contestants are experimenting with composition. At the same time, Brazil — Brazilians always. And the game, and the results speak for our team ", — concluded the Savitchev.

In the game of Russian expert team like teamwork, organization, and a good attitude. "I remembered the match at the European Championship — 2008 against the Netherlands when good content is superimposed ease. It was evident that the team lives. And I was proud of it "- he said.

Arguing about the qualities of the current Brazilian team compared the sample with the team last year, Savitchev noted that objectively compare compounds difficult. "Individually strong masters and today they have enough, and then it was enough. But what's the advantage of the current team, so it is in the cost of the players and their wages, "- said the expert with a smile.

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