Primorye attacking Colorado potato beetle



VLADIVOSTOK, July 22. / Itar-Tass Leonid Vinogradov /. Primorye can remain without a crop of potatoes, tomatoes and other nightshade.

On the field comes Colorado potato beetle, which threatens to destroy 100 percent of the crop if planting will not be subjected to three times the processing chemicals.

According to the deputy head of the agriculture department of Primorsky Krai Andrei Brontsa, mass invasion of Colorado beetles recorded in the taiga regions — Yakovlevsky, Anuchinskom, Michael, Ussuri and others.

Pest comes from the north, on each potato bush has 5-6 beetles and up to hundreds of larvae. Villagers say that insects occupied all gardens. Manually collect them useless, as there is a mass flight of pests.

Specialists believe that the mass of Colorado beetles helped save in Primorye snowy winter. If in the cold snow was not so much, insect larvae were killed, and in the summer would not have the troops eaters of foliage, which is observed on the edge of the fields.

Yet 10 years ago, coastal farmers on Colorado beetles knew almost nothing.



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