Private life is no more


Steve Rambam speech at the conference Hackers On Planet Earth.

This guy was involved in each conference HOPE since 1994. He's a private detective, and his reports are always very interesting. He did a lot of things, including the search for Nazi criminals in the U.S. and Canada. So, listen to Steve:

Immediately the question: how many people have heard this report before? Raise your hands …. damn self! I was hoping less. 30% report will annoy you, 30% report trivial, but essential. I have a rule: turn off the phone. Everything else without problems.

So, the "Anonymity no Humble" Starting with any starting point, you can make a complete dossier on someone. It does not matter where to start — Social Security numbers, MAC-addresses, email addresses, license plate. From this information, you can get all of someone.

Sometimes you can connect one piece of information with one another, sometimes you get all the bulk. Before we continue, I want to emphasize the following. All we are going to discuss today is either open or semi-open source. Under the semi-open source, I mean sources available to investigators, security specialists, and probably more than half of the available people in this room.

We will not discuss FINSEN, NCIC, and any other government databases, or anything else to identify confidential or sensitive. We will discuss that easily can get everyone in the room.

Basically, we will discuss the information that you share yourself. The large majority of the information available today, you have given yourself, consciously or unconsciously,. You have given this information — your name, your address, your phone number, your date of birth, your social security number, your photo, which was once the cornerstone of investigations.

When I started as an investigator, I was paid $ 500 to $ 1,000 for obtaining photo subject. In order to establish the identity. Today, all you need is a google. Information such as sexual orientation, political opinion, financial information, activities, business contacts, friends, family, all of this is in the public domain.

When I started 25 years ago, it was a confidential information for which hired detectives. So it worked. And a significant part of our discussion today will focus on the fact What has changed. Not just since I first spoke at this conference, and the last two years.

For example, someone gives me a phone number I as an investigator with this phone number, a name and address, all they know how to do it. With their help, I get a date of birth and social security number. With their help, address, family ties, employment, businesses, real estate, history, marital status, all public, criminal, and other semi-open or open records about a person. License plates, vehicles, and so on and so forth.

All of this, starting with a single piece of information. Not necessarily the phone, it could be an email address, home address, name and date of birth.

So it was. You take one end of the strings, begin to spin a ball, and in the end you have a complete dossier on the person. And by the way, it is much more, I just have ended on the slide.

Now it is not necessary to do so. Now you are having a phone number, enter it in the box of your database, and immediately receive the full report, or whatever it is called on your system. I enter your phone number and I immediately get your name, your address, Social Security number, birth date, car number, vehicles, family ties, history of residence, employment history, and so on and so forth.

Will not necessarily make vinaigrette himself. Everything is already connected. All good on a plate.

Let's talk about what has changed in the last few years. On the slide, you can see what has changed in the last 10 years. Discuss what has changed since the previous HOPE.

First, the speed and complexity of computing software. When I started, I had a Mac with an 25K floppy disk. I had to insert a floppy disk with the program, download it, get floppy, insert a floppy disk for data, store the data. Now you have a quad-, eight-core computers. The speed is incredible, incredible amounts of storage, I use more memory than I used to be more space on the hard disk.

I am pleased to see that people are at the forefront of my age. Sometimes, when I talk about this in the seminars for novice investigators and federal agents, and usually young people who recently knocked 20, many think that I am talking about the Stone Age. Storage capacity and processing of information is growing exponentially. NSA, which yesterday agreed to look at the light, now holds 75 stories crossing U.S. borders. They never did not throw, ever.

All information in digital form since its inception, the spot was added to the system. Your medical records are entered as a nurse in her desktop computer. When you go somewhere, you have no paper tickets. Your story of bank transfers is available immediately. I can bill you on the phone, go to the bank account management, and after 30 seconds the money will already have it. All became instant and digital, and gets into the database as soon as created.

Any time spent typing, or order, or the cost of it — because, as you'll see, it's all a question of money. Your digital information from scratch, and immediately falls in the database.

A pile of old paper records absorbed with insane speed OCR systems. Books Google, newspapers, documents, 20-30ti, 40ti, 50ti, 60ti 70ti-100-year-old super-fast sheet fed scanners. Entire book is scanned in an hour. And accurately.

Mobile phones.

We'll talk a lot about mobile phones. Mobile phones, it is one of the three most important rules of the game change. We all now have a mobile phone. Everyone here, except maybe a couple people, a smartphone. Because you are using these devices, carry them with you, and do not turn off or can not turn them off, I know everything about you, you can know that in general. We will discuss this in detail.

Mobile phones have radically changed the game. Elementary binding information, translation of names, search similarities, artificial intelligence. Now this is not just a "database of addresses stories", "database of phone calls", "database purchases," these things are immediately connected to each other, communicate with all means available. I enter your phone number, and credit card transactions are getting for the last month.

I am entering your phone number on it and I can get all of your email addresses. This is unheard of. A year ago about this and dreamed of! I enter your email address, and get your name, your home address, your phone number, but in general everything.

I'm a little distracted. Last year, after the presentation, we talked a lot in the gym and, unfortunately, ruined my speech following the Rapporteur has on the time performances have 5 minutes. Today, I hope we can meet the deadline, more than that, we have a table that we have not only to answer any remaining questions you may have, and give play to our databases.

Oh yes! Look, I did not repeat it again, I — I'm a big proponent of openness — a big supporter of PI FOIA (Freedom of the act of sharing personal information.) I do not hide what I'm doing, and not ashamed of it. I think I'm doing the world a better, fairer. I know these guys are doing the same thing, it's not peeping through the keyhole, etc. as pokazvyayut on TV. I want you to know and understand how we work.

Back. On the topic of networking and linking of cross-references, let me give you an example of a little ridiculous.

Entitled COMPSTAT for drunks. (COMPuter STATistics) in Washington have a website ("Thumps safe"). Dude took the crime statistics for the last couple of years, took the list of all the bars in the city center, and just tied them together. He took it one evening. And he hung up the page "thumps safely." Choose a bar and see how many thefts and robberies, shooting episodes occurred around two years. And you can determine where it is safe to get drunk (laughs)

Well, for me, it's just a cool site one exception: a similar project 10, 5, 3 years ago poteboval be good programmers, poteboval to huge costs for processing and storage. Now, it can make a trained monkey. I know for sure, because they work for me. Just kidding, just kidding.

What else has changed: GPS and the ability to follow us. Your phone glued to your ass 24/7, as well as your MOBILE to you, I know where you are. And we'll come back to that.

GPS, Skyhook. People with smartphones with GPS, Google employees in special vehicles, moving around the country, record the coordinates of all WI-FI networks in North America. Each router!

New search capabilities and indexes, including translation, speech recognition, text recognition in video (I'll show you), a technology that even scares me, and last, but very important innovation which changed the rules of the game — smart cameras with block recognition of numbers, letters and those, tied to a massive high-speed databases.

I heard today was the discussion like, 'Bullshit, you can cheat the system face recognition, then you can, you can se … Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. You can not, period. I'll prove it to you. I have great respect for the speaker, who spoke of the face recognition system, and explains how you can avoid falling into the database, but it can be done. Any way. I lead the investigation, it is my bread for 25 years, I work with the police and the "authorities", I brought here the former cops and special agents. You can ask us part: you will not.

One more thing: advertising targeted to the absurd. Here for which everything is done, this is not Big Brother is watching you guys, these people want you something vparit. All because of money. It is not the desire to dishonor you, do not try to kill you. It is an engine of capitalism, and all. They want to sell you something! They want to know everything about you, so it's better you vparit.

And in the end, each of you is exposed digital proctology examination. (Laughter) And this can not be avoided. But this is not a bad aspiration. They just want to sell you things. They want to know where you look, what to look for. They want to take over your eyes.

We also talk about augmented reality. A bit of this augmented reality, and some things like Google Goggles. I do not know how many people are familiar with them. Everyone wants to know what he sees your phone. So they encourage the use of it to scan bar codes, identification of different images, and augmented reality.

They want to know that you are in New York, and you're in Empire State Building, not only from the text recognition, and not just according to your purchases, and not only when you book through your phone, but also because you removed the picture of the building, and used the "augmented reality" to see what kind of building. And, again, it's all for the money.

Storage costs.

Someone sent me this picture two months ago. (Laughter) This is — the real commercials. I do not know whether all can see, that's $ 3400 a 10MB hard drive I have lived at this time, guys. And now? I go to the lowest form of life — dealers in Staples (analog Eldorado, M-Video). And I say — "Give me your largest disk." And for $ 160 I'm out there with the 2TB drive.

I want to tell you When I started as an investigator in the country did not have 2TB of operational data. This is a fact. That was the reality not only when I started, but also a significant part of my career life.

The main thing that has changed — nothing more is removed, not erased, and not forgotten. Everything you've ever done, every stupid picture, every evil, trollyaschy blog post, every SMS, written by drunk, all kept forever. FOREVER!

It is stored, and not just stored. It is indexed and linked and tied to your name forever. Do not believe me? Come later to my desk, and I'll show you.

And spy not only the government. Everybody knows about, and waybackmachine, and cache Google, and the desire of all to save all. They do this primarily because they do not know that they will need in a year. And it's not that you clutter your office. You just leave it on the hard drive, and every month, or every week, or every hour automatic text search engine scans and indexes every damn record.

And this ( primitive version of the same system where you need to go and click on something special. Believe me, in my world are kept forever. You give me a social security number, and I will return a list of addresses where you have lived for the past 42 years. Will you give me any phone number, I will archive search and will return a list of the owners of this issue for 45 years.

Because I need it if I'm investigating an old case, I want to know whose number it was 20 years ago. I want to know who lived in this house 30 years ago. This is useful, and, again, it's worth the money. I need this information. I want to get it. It will help me in my work. I can sell it to other detectives can sell implementing the law, it's worth the money. And I can go to Staples and buy another 2TB drive for $ 169. Why would I throw something?

And by the way, the U.S. government has come too late to save the data to the market, and now scores of government requests. For example, the government's request to, «We have everything that you have on this man." Even Mr. Spock knows it (laughs) Yes, even President Obama.

"All your actions will be dragged into the light at some point in your life" (about Facebook). Spock rights. Nothing can hide.

Finally, the biggest change.

The purpose of this report, N1 NO MORE PRIVACY NO MORE SHAME NO NEED Anonymous and the people in this room, and all other the world, spread on the Internet all. You post your name, your address, your phone number, where you went to school, where you work, who your friends are, what is your attitude, what you did last night, what did you do last week, and so on, more information about himself than anyone worth to know you are trying to post to the Web.

You know, I feel shizofrenkom every time I imagine a full picture of what I'm telling you now. Many of you are my friends, and the rest mostly colleagues. Some of you … I do not even want to ask who … (laughs) Still, most of you — friends, colleagues, with whom he had a meeting that year. Around 20% of people in this room, I know, I know quite well. Therefore, as a friend, I must tell you, "What do you think?"

On the other hand, as an investigator, I have to say "Thank you! Cool! "No, really, I'm very grateful. You are so simplify my work, I can sit at 2 am in boxers, and learn: where you live, where to work, see your photos twenty who your girl, and the name of his wife, (laughter) and so on and so like. True, thanks. But you — idiots. Stop.

Life example. I quote it in every conversation on this topic. There is a sort of a guy jsav. By the way, if you look at the old videos on this board, we often raise issues long before their public awareness. We talked about Twitter 4 years ago. Twitter is now stored in the Library of Congress. Each tweet was transferred to the Library of Congress. We thought that your tweets are gone? Neeeeee-A!

I can tell you that when I was investigating a criminal offense, I send a request to all your tweets to the Library of Congress. Every tweet you've ever done. Guys, listen, none of the things that you put on the web, or tweet, or blog, or SMS, or web page, or web page that you removed in 15 seconds, after publication of anything that you do not change it. NOTHING. Once you have placed all absorbed into the system, indexed, tied to your name, and I get it. And you are not in Pound genie back in the bottle.

Do not want someone to read your work in six months — not spread it. Never.

Look at the crank. Eating pizza. I go to work. Watch TV. Get out of the room. All his movements, hour after hour. My mom does not want so much to know about me! The only people who want to know so much about me, sitting in the New York branch of the FBI (laughter)

But, the truth, it's quite often now. All that you do, the campaign for a pizza, watch a movie, finished watching the movie, it was nothing, Bob borrowed grill, met Fred. Look, if I'm investigating you, and want to know what you were doing on that particular day, thank you.

And by the way, guys, you're not seers. You may not know that these records do not sting you in the ass tomorrow, because what will happen in a few hours. You send it to Twitter, and it's there forever. And, by the way, there are people who are constantly monitoring Twitter. All your followers, half of which you do not.

Want to tell who they are? It's marketing, it's mysteries, and it is implementing the laws. I am one of them. I own I suck every page of, each page of Facebook, each tape Twitter. In any case, what if you grow wiser and it installed. A bounce, will not work!

By the way, here's the contents of tapes Twitter. Thought there 140 characters? No, no, no. There's your IP-address, location, how long are you in Twitter, only about 34-37 pieces of data in each tape Twitter.

Let's talk about Twitter a little more. All tweets from the grounds are kept in the Library of Congress. They are publicly available. A Twitter interacts with Facebook, it's like a big invader of privacy invader to merge with a private life, and together they now mega invader of privacy.

Every damn tweet, if you stepped and clicked the wrong button, gets on page Facebook. Not that it was news, but you think about it.

Mikrofokusing Twitter.

There is a resource named You communicate with them, and say something like, "I want to sell products for older people, Chinese grandmother, who called XIAO». They look at their database on Twitter, and say — "We have 500 people that you need to advertise your product." They can do mikrofokusing for Twitter. Because they are doing the same thing that I do, and make intelligence: they absorb your tape Twitter.

Here's a quick version of the same. It's called "followers for sale." Most likely it was someone in the room, I would not surprised. For $ 24.97 you buy a bunch of followers that match your request. They pay by PayPal, money probably settle somewhere in Minsk, I will not say exactly. But keep in mind, Twitter is not private.

Another absurd example of how the concept of content online. There is a sort of a Hasan Elahi. I came across this event in 2008, and the situation develops further. Hasan Elahi was under the supervision of the FBI. They did find it either a terrorist, or an accomplice of terrorists, or even someone like that. But he was afraid that his zametut and go somewhere in Guantanamo, because he could not prove he is not a terrorist.

He opened a website Every hour, he took out his phone, does your picture, sign it, and uploaded to the Web site. The whole story of his life is now on the web. Of course, now everyone can see that the FBI screwed up, what he really wanted. As for me, it is so wonderful that I would have guessed before this.

But the fact that you're writing every hour on Twitter, update tape Facebook, and constantly write SMS, is not unusual. This is, on the contrary, is considered normal. Well, for example, on Friday, June 27, it shows on the map where he was, with pictures, and describes what he did.

And if you Twitter was not enough, you still have Utterz, and Qik, where you can upload photos and send the live video to the Web. You can literally make your life visible from the web, and it is normal nowadays. That's the most startling change.

Anonymity is dead, because you guys are fucking killed her. (Laughter) And every time she tries to signs of life, you put a stake in her chest. Every day!

Here's another example of the absurd. It is written on top of WTF (What The Fuck), I really think so! I will not say it out loud to the camera, but everyone knows the abbreviation. Well, what idiot would enjoy Blippy? You know, it turns out millions of people. (Blippy to people talk about their purchases) Few people have heard about it, this is a relatively new thing.

Yes, you're crazy! Why did you tell the world about your income, how much money and what you spend? By the way, see how it serves the millions of suckers being: Video Oh crap … (advertised on the video social. network for shopaholics who share information, what, where and how much they bought)

Well, yeah, of course! In short, you get the idea. Incidentally, in the first six weeks of Blippy No rides, that it scans Google. So all the names, all purchases and all credit cards are a thing of the Network. (Laughter)

And by the way, if you're the moron, and place this information on the web, you deserve everything that happens to you because of this, whether someone's ill will or accident. Millions of people are already doing it, and be sure that soon it will become the norm.

And it is very, very important to understand. Because we will continue to talk about what used to be called group think, social marketing, the essence of which is that You like the fact that most of your friends like, and how you vote, so usually vote and your friends. On the same subject, recently published a study that proves that better job search among unfamiliar people. And the truth is, if you are looking for work with friends, you already know the friends of your friends, so there is nothing new you will not be offered. You need to step outside the circle.

You — it's your friend. Why Facebook is a lot of money.

Another resource Swipely. By the way, killed a least those who call them. But Blippy and Swipely, a new offensive norm. The result of the previous one, if something happens in your life, no matter how important it is, you write about it on the web. Some of you about as much as I do, and you probably remember the philosophy terrible university course, which said "If a tree fell in the forest, no one hears it fall. So it fell really a tree?'

Yes dropped the damn tree fell! So this is also changed. Now, if something is not written in the web, it was not. All appears on the web.

Here's what to me was the living example of this. Let's see who knows this video. Yeah, 45% of the audience. It is the execution of Saddam Hussein. And, by the way, despite the fact that I like this video, and I'm willing to watch it 20 times a day, but you have to understand what it means. It's like Hitler in his bunker, but someone took it off the phone!

Everything that happens, regardless of the importance of the event, photographed, videoed, post, discuss, tweet, and by the way, besides the fact that you yourself can disgrace, you should also keep in mind that your friends may well write "Oh, you know, Bob, yesterday swell and his vomit just one lady's boots'

Believe me, I know who is Bob, because I know all of his friends, and the relationship, and I know that he alkanavt, and if in two months I'll investigate it a car accident, I know that he has a history of alcohol use.

Incidentally, this is the real case. We found a post about how a queer swell, a few months later, he was driving in Texas, went to the counter and hit someone. The hospital did an analysis of the alcohol, and he swore that he was sober as a whistle, and that something was wrong with his health, arterial spasm, something I can not remember, it was two years ago. And we found a photo of his pyanok, and discussion of his friends, where he was called alkanavtom goner, and he sat for eight years for murder. And I'm proud of it.

Now let's discuss the obvious source. MySpace consumes a huge amount of information. I know that you all have pages MySpace, I know that all of you ashamed that you have them. But let's talk about MySpace.

Name, date of birth, city, schools, places of work. Music — which, by the way, a lot of you said. What do you read the book — too much talking about you. Your friends — tells me you almost everything. Where you live, your hobbies, your kids, your parents, your brothers and sisters, family ties, and photos, photos, photos. Cornerstone for investigators. Another cornerstone — your permanent location, and we'll discuss this further.

Political views. You know, I do not know about you, but in my youth, you are not telling people about their political views. "How do you vote?" — "Hey, that is why this is a secret ballot." Religion — I am a Jew, I am proud of it, but, in general, not your damn business. Sexual orientation — I'm straight, but it's not your business. History offenses email.

Financial information — "I just got a raise, now I get $ 75,000 a year," "Hey, I won an award of $ 25,000 at the end of the year." If I'm going to charge you a penalty by a court — thanks!

Conflict situations, and so on. Here are a few examples. 'I'm a big tolstozadaya bitch, and I love to suck h *** n"A real page! I covered my face, even though the law can not do this. She is 17, and she was a fool. I do not want to ruin her life. The funny thing is that she wanted two guys who write that love … So most likely it is.

But Mr. 420 (slang — marijuana). What is this green grass (in the lower right corner), which he Schmale? Go ahead, lay one's offense. And it is generally a criminal offense. By the way, that's his name and address. Thank you! (Laughter)

And finally, my favorite story. Beautiful girl Aryan type, height meter eighty, calls himself "Jews organized the September 11 attacks". Believe me, if we did, we would have chosen a better target. (Laughter) That's her name …. (applause) … thank you, brothers and sisters …. I know who claps! Name, address, place of work, occupation, friends … I know all about this neonatsistku of garbage, which is based on the nickname, even Shmarev. Neonatsistkaya Shmarev … like the name of the movie! like "Nazi whore" (laughter) This woman — moron wrote this in the social. network!

Here's another page: cocaine and prostitutes. If I want to hire this guy's supervisor in the firm, this page will not help.

Here I also like: Ganja-Girl. Nice girl, though too young for me. This page has been 4 years, she was then 21 years old. By the way, have already grown up, now will do. (Laughter) She is 25 years old. That's her name. Here she is using drugs. Here is her bisexual orientation. Name, city, state. Job in the production of pizza. All you want. If you need a bisexual drug addict — that's your girl! (Laughter)

But still, I can not neighing. This guy's name is "You *** yourself and ubeysya"I can not read. He writes: I am 19 years old, I smell like gunpowder, my name is …. (Will not read because of the video), career plans — "You *** yourself and ubeysya" wants to be a policeman. (Laughter) That's a guy I can tell it by heart form, where his name and date of birth, and all the rest. He takes aim at the camera with a gun. It smells of gunpowder and deodorant "Axe" and it works in the prison! What I find very …. soothing.

Here is a woman telling about drug use, where she lives … Who does it work? Engineer for safety in production of tower cranes! (Laughter) Well, not so!

The inscription on the slide: "Cultural capital" I love this film! This is the "cultural capital" of Edmonton that is written there? Killing your brain with 1985? A! "Pretend clever since 1983" One and the same.

The real story. I had a speech at the California Polytechnic Institute. Approximately the same performance, as now, for students in areas of information security. And conference organizers told me, "Yes, I heard your speech, and it is too theoretical, find something about our polytechnic." I found a group of MySpace, called Cal Poly Pomona Stonahs, they all smoke weed, discuss it before learning, after school, public rooms, with whom and how. And in this group, their real names. The next day in a speech I gave it as an example. And all of them were arrested and then expelled from the university. (Laughter)

Honestly, I have nothing against personal use. I really do not like those who support the Mexican drug cartels and other undesirable things, shooting at people, border drugs. But I do not care about these people, and the problem was not the fact that they use drugs, their problem is that they're idiots.

Now a little more serious. People post on the web painful things. The most personal, the most terrible. And I do not understand it, but now well accepted. Here's an example. Here's a girl says that she was raped in the family, and then she had a miscarriage. And it puts all the information in the network. It is painful to read. And it is — the new norm.

Or the woman who was beaten and raped in the family, she became a prostitute as she beat another girl unconscious stone. This is a real MySpace page.

That's the MySpace support group for abused women. This is not a closed group, it may join anyone. That's like the girl in the center, I can easily establish her identity. Think about whether or not she wants the world to know all the details of her rape? Get what he wants.

Incidentally, for those of you in the audience, who is related to the investigation, if you will not use such materials for their business, it can backfire. Here is a character who wrote on MySpace as it is going to hurt Obama, and he had a video of the Ku Klux Klan on his page, and later he was arrested currently planning for an attack on Obama, with another of his fellow skinhead.

But this fellow, I like what he writes "If you look at it and decide to fire me, you should be ashamed". This man deliberately and openly set up his page. Well, I would be ashamed, but I'm still fired him.

Translation lecture —

Source: World News BOHN

Private life is no more — Part 2

Continuation of Steve Rambamand at the conference Hackers On Planet Earth

The big question here is "Who are your friends?". Because If I know who your friends are, I know everything about you, that you need. And in this very essence of Facebook.

And by the way, the most primitive level, if you are on an investigation, and I need to see someone to talk about you, I go to your page MySpace or Facebook, or Twitter, look at the people you communicate with most often, and I go to them in the guests.

But in most cases these days I do not even have to go to visit them. On Facebook, unlike MySpace, according to statistics the large majority are using their real names, age (women can throw a couple of years), email addresses, home addresses, hobbies, tastes, and links to most of these friends. By the way, depending on whether you believe in the official statements of the 125 million MySpace users, and believe me when I say that this figure is inflated by 50 million — in Facebook from 3 to 10 times more people. So Facebook is now the first and only place I'm going to get you all of the necessary information.

And by the way, Facebook is much better able to absorb all sorts of information. Facebook Likes, Facebook Graph, and other such nonsense. It shows me what interests you, and all that are interested in your friends.

Here, for example, which makes Facebook. They, by the way, is very strong nerves, just like they get up. If you are registering you press the wrong button on your entire address book are invitations to Facebook. "Bob has just signed up for Facebook, if you're already there — add it to your friends, if not, sign up, too, and be with Bob."

500,000,000 people, it is 20% of all Internet users in the world. About 43% of all Americans. This umopomrachayuschy penetration. Wall-Mart This is the Internet.

The average user spends on Facebook more than one hour a day. Many spend 5 hours a day. I would burst from her eyes like that. But that is the reality, and by the way, remember the great campaign that Facebook violates privacy and need to close an account there? 36,000 people decided to give up Facebook as a result of all this hype. Yes on Facebook more people are signing in an hour. Every hour.

How to use Facebook.

Here begins a mystic. Terrible things. That's out of the Bar Association for divorce. The first thing they check, even before you hire an investigator, is that on your page on Facebook, and that there need to be removed immediately. Then they look at the other side of the page.

In the magazine Wired, which is mainly focused on the audience, but sometimes they get to the point, wrote "The colonization of the Web — that's what Facebook is now engaged".

And you have to understand fundamental difference between Facebook and Google. Google indexes the entire Internet. Facebook users indexes Facebook. In each of you are focused like a laser. They want to know what you read, what you do, where you do it, who your friends are, your age, your gender, your religion, your orientation — everything. They have indexed.

And by the way, this is a good business model, a great business model. Facebook Connect, Open Stream, all of this allows them to learn about you more and more. And, by the way, read somehow your license agreement with Facebook. Okay, experiment. Hands up who has a page on Facebook. The hall. Now continue to keep those who have read the terms of service Facebook. There was not a hand. For those who watch broadcast or recording — all laid down their arms.

Read it. You are horrified that you have signed. Facebook swallows everything that somehow clarifies information about you. They bought Friend Feed, interact with Twitter, now buy travel site because once they know where you are traveling, and what do they want you to start offering its tourist resource. They are linked to Yelp. Why? Because they want to know — "yeah, this man like Chinese food."

Microsoft. How many of you know what Cassandra? I'm impressed, 10 people raised their hands. This is 10 more than ever raised their hands. Cassandra — a program that sucking all your information, every drop of your information on Facebook. They want you to analyze the best way possible, so that they created their program for invasion of privacy. And she is so good that even the U.S. government is considering the possibility of its use.

Open graph, API, social plugins, «Like», if you click "like" the page on the gay lifestyle, immediately Facebook knows about you is forever. You do not stop being gay next week, despite claims by some priests of Alabama. [They try to treat gay approx. Trans.]

Open Graph, a look at the Open Graph, it connects your Facebook account and your actions within Facebook with things outside of Facebook. They do not spend the time to automatically scan the entire web as Google, they offer you to do it for them.? — "I'm Bob, and I liked this site." Click. Why did you do it? ? — "I do not know."

Facebook tells you that this is something to talk to your friends about you, something important for your friends. Nonsense. Your friends are your friends, they are so all you need to know about you. Facebook it needs to know which sites you like. None of you will cease to do so, but think about it.

Now it's just an example. That's intelligence chief UK. Oh, sorry. It former British intelligence chief. He and his wife have put so much on Facebook, is thoughtlessly that now he is "Bond, Bond fired?". Cool phrase. I want you to look at this picture and ask yourself: Do you want this person to know everything about you? You want it to have a weakling was a window to your soul? Look at that face, think about moving on. (Laughter)

By the way, in Pakistan now is a lawsuit posyaschenny fact dolzhel whether Zuckerberg being sentenced to death. (Laughter) I have mixed feelings about this.

Amazon, all use Amazon. That the history of your purchases, and search history can tell petty cunning investigator like me? I know what you like, what you care about what your interests, your health, about your political views about your orientation. If you buy a guide to Bermuda for gays — you know. If you buy a book about kidney cancer — usually, either you or someone close to you, kidney cancer. Where you are traveling, what you like, do not like, your political views, your hobbies, your religious beliefs, your attitude, everything about you.

Issues on the Web, no one thinks about the aggregation of individual data. Constantly accumulating, — drip, drip, drip — taking with your privacy. It is not in any search query, such as the address where your girlfriend lives, as I do now. Not to buy a book about kidney cancer — now I know that you have kidney cancer. Not looking for flights to Bermuda — now I know that you are flying to Bermuda. The trouble is that connecting it all together, — I know your girl, I know where you're traveling, know your orientation.

You should be aware that your every action falls into the database, and there never disappears. A year later, I hold you by the balls. Iron. But no one does not think about.


I download e-books. EFF (Bless, O Lord, these paranoid!) Lay out the list, I encourage you to regularly, such as weekly, to check their website. I, consequently, are not always aware of "new products." For me it is as a directory database that you want to improve, until they disappeared from the market. So here is a list, which notes what you know about Kindle, and Nook, and all other e-book readers.

EBay, PayPal and Skype. Now this is one company! All that you pay online, all with whom you communicate on the phone, all you're looking for on EBay. This company knows everything about you. And by the way, and more importantly, know your financial information. Two of these services you use with reference to the money. You buy things. They have your bank account, your credit card, and your home address, where you order delivery. They absurdly know much about you. Your location, and by the way your friends, your friends, your business activities, all of them.

When I hire an investigator, I admit, I pay him sometimes PayPal. It is much easier than sending checks by mail.

Now on to the Skynet, or as I call it — the number one goal for the government's request. GOOGLE. Again, look at this picture. Is Sergey and Larry. These are the people who know your darkest, most hidden secrets. Look at them. Like it?

Network, blogs, newsgroups, Images, Gmail, Google Chat, and GTalk, all the damn books, news, Google, if I know what you click, I know what you're interested, on Maps — if you enter the address on a map, you do not just out of curiosity, "Um, where is the street Third, 48." This email address is somehow important to you. If this address is a Chinese restaurant, I know that you are meeting with someone in a Chinese restaurant. If this is the abortion clinic, it gives a very juicy information about you.

Music Google, God forbid finance Google, Google Checkout (rival PayPal), Google Video on YouTube, we'll talk more about that.

Telecommunications Google, for those of you who know the phone system, I think many of you, and some are not with the very best intentions, Google now telecom company, absolutely legal. They have a database of phone numbers, there is a user base, they copy and associate it with everything else that they have. Froogle such as bent, but the information they have remained.

Chrome, now it's no longer a novelty, Android, accounts Google, record IP addresses.

We'll talk about Android. It's outrageous. If I want to transfer to your Android address book and calendar, I have to give them first in Google. It does not bother anyone? I can not take the cable USB, to your Mac, and sync everything. I have all of your friends, relatives, and business associates to send it all in the database. Therefore I use Palm. Think about it, I'm sure not many of you have thought of.

Calendar, where I'll be in the next three months, I would first have to send in Google, and then get back. And this information remains with Google.

Calendars. You delete a calendar, but it only removes them on your phone. You have to leave them to their consideration, otherwise you will not be able to sync your phone.

Google all the information, we'll talk about deanonimizatsii data later. But we need to understand one thing, If you think "Yeah, I'm looking for websites about BDSM, but they do not know who I am," they know! KNOW! Maybe because once you Google his name, you can Google your address, or your phone number.

How many of you, and I know the answer, about one-third of Google your social security number? Oh, you liar, only 20 hands rose. Many of you have Google. And if you stop to think about all that now integrated into Google, and what is said about you Google. DoubleClick and AdMob is enough. But there is Feedburner, RSS feeds tell me all about your interests, about your political views, what's your favorite band of techno, you sit on a Mac, or Linux, or … I do not want to think of anything worse.

Documents, spreadsheets, calendars. How many of you enjoy the clouds? Half of the room. This information is already gone. Profile Google — as if they already have most of you do not know, they offer you to make all of your information in one convenient place.

Google Health — Do not be afraid, that Sergey Brin know when the last time you examined your prostate? Really?

Google Voice. I want to ask you. How many of you enjoy Google Voice? 85% of those present. This gives Google your home address, your cell phone number, your place of work, and all with whom you communicate. Think about it. True, we do not need an explanation.

Let's talk about Android.

We will discuss this in more detail when we talk about the Mac, because Apple is doing everything smarter in this area, but let me say that all of what you're using your phone, this is another leak, through which a drop takes your privacy.

Use maps Google? This gives your location and tells people what you're interested in at this address. If this is the gun shop, they know something about you. If this is the abortion clinic, they know something about you. If it's divorce attorney, they know something about you. If you scanned the barcode, they know what products you are interested. You have found a movie, they know what kind of movies you like.

Mobile phones, once again, radically changed the game. As you can see, Google and Apple, which are now in the lead in this area, to understand. This mobile phone in your pocket, he keeps track of everything you do, everywhere you go, all of whom you say, what you're interested. The more features in this phone, the more useful it is for you, if you are scanning them to text, if you are celebrating their bar codes, if you download it on the map, if you use Google 411, it all falls into one big book of I know about Bob or Sally, and it's never not going away.

Points Google — brilliant stuff. First, it is terribly useful program. I can take a picture of a picture, and it will tell me everything I need to know about this picture, recognize it and say, 'This is the Mona Lisa, she is such a story, etc. "and Google will know that next week I will in Italy.

Barcode scanner. I recognize the bar code in a store, and they not only know that I was interested in, the phone still sends a signal to my location, they know where I am — up to pass between the shelves.

And because this is such great program, you will use them. Do you use Gmail, because it is simple, fast, and cheap. It does not show your IP address the world, he gives a million gigabytes of storage space, and says, "Do not throw away your letters, keep them," Why do you think he says, because they love you? Because they want to give you 5GB on their servers? Because Sergei suddenly found you a distant relative?

He wants all your emails indexed, view, associated with your other data, that was full of information about you, and they could influence your choice of products and services. And for this they need to understand, as you choose. If between you and someone you have identified as your mother, there are 100 letters of liver cancer, they know that some of you have liver cancer. And, probably, the algorithm is able to determine who it was.

Gmail is great, but by the way, that your IP is not added to the message header, does not mean that they do not keep. Be sure to save.

Points Google — incredible invention, and a good example of where this is going.

Trade Google. Google has created a free service 411. It provides the ability to convert voice to text, why they give this opportunity? Because if you use this method, and by the way Google converts all your voice messages into text, even if you do not include this feature. Why? Because this is another window into your soul. Someone leaves a message, "Hey Bob, we meet here and there, and by the way there will be a stripper." And now Google knows. Your every voicemail message left at Google, your account Google Voice, indexed, if it were printed.

By the way, read the text, the arrow points to. For those of you who can not. Terms of Service Google mobile. You give them the right to keep a permanent record, store, archive, and resell your location. And since the GPS and SkyHook now many phone, they always know your location to within 3 meters.

Google Maps — know where you are. What you probably do not know, Google Maps now know where you are. It's not just about Latitude, Maps, you now which position you not only with using the phone, as you probably know, but when using a laptop. Now they — devices with an identifiable location.

Discuss Latitude. How many of you enjoy Latitude? Significant number. How many of you know that Latitude continuously saves your location, and archive it forever? You can delete this information at home, they will not show, but Google will still keep them.

Here's an example of what is now in development. I mean, this is a brilliant program, the program is very functional, and incredibly violating privacy program. It is called Geochron, Geochron allows you to specify the events, depending on the location. You can customize the Geochron to send SMS to his wife, when your train pulls up to your station. "Honey, come and get me"

This is a brilliant program. Unbelievable functionality. You have 14-year-old daughter, and you know that she is dating a 17-year bad guy? You can set it up the phone, and it will send you a message, "She close to home Vinny" when her phone would be within a mile from the house of Winnie. Wonderful opportunity? Yes. People will use it? Yes. Will all this information is collected and processed? Yes.

Google genius. Not only that, unlike Apple and Nimrods, making the code open to the world, but also the functionality that it provides you. They provide plug-ins provide API, they want you to write programs that violate privacy, helped to document every action users Android.

They used to put emphasis on the motto of Google Chrome «most of the user's interaction with the world is on the web," the more they do not say. They know that most now is on the phone, and mostly when you offline.

Google TV, how many of you know that Google is currently working with Logitech, Sony, and Dish network, to create a device. Google will know (just like Santa Claus) when you sleep, when you wake up, when you look at porn when you're sitting in front of TV and what you see. What you see, already says a lot about you. How much time do you spend watching TV, says a lot about you. When you get home, says a lot about you.

Google Music. Google does not like the fact that Apple is a large penetration iTunes, and they launch Google Music, and I guarantee that they will find a way to link the service to every other service that they have, including the course and phones Android. Well, no, really, on the phone you have Apple iTunes, and Android phones will be Google Music, and they will press Apple on their market. I can not say I'm upset by the fact that they smacked of Steve Jobs.

Google Power and Measurement. Yes, folks, Google will deliver electricity. More and more people, they have launched a public service, and sell electricity. They will know how much electricity you use, and what you are doing, and the way is a must when buying electricity from Google, you have to use so-called "intelligent monitoring" which means that many of your device will be connected to Skynet. They will be able to determine the power consumption of the refrigerator jumps that you opened it, and now closed, and now back to the TV, turn the channel (Google TV!), You went to the bedroom — you turned on the light. I was incredibly strong frightening.

And it's not a secret, you can go to the blog to Google, and Google will tell you that this is what they do.

Google Travel. Google wants to know where you are traveling, they just bought a company dealing with tourist advice. On Google News we said.

By the way, listen, here is service, all here are All are generally If I click on the link to, and sends it to me, "shlepnimenya.kom", by the way, I always use it as an example of what not think too much, and so each cut link says something about you. Google does not like. Google goes crazy when someone you know about something they do not know. And they launched Now they also have sokraschalka links.

By the way, if you pay attention, Google is constantly doing things to podgadit Apple, and Apple is doing things to podgadit Google. Apple, as you'll see when we get to Apple, the new version of Safari cut advertising. Steve Jobs does it because he loves you? No, Steve Jobs does, that only Apple could show you ads. They cut out all the ads Google. Cleverly, agree.

Google does the same thing. Look, I like to play Mafia wars, I admit, but the more I play them I will not, because if I'm going to play them, Google will know how much time I play Mafia wars, and all the embarrassing things I do while playing Mafia wars. Now they have bought, as no one knows whether it is a control packet or just a noticeable share of multi-million dollar, the company Zynga, which publishes Mafia wars.

Google Wave. Once again, Google brilliant company. Frighteningly brilliant company. They see a niche, they develop the best product for her and suck in every bit of information as they can. How many of you have enjoyed Google Wave? More than half of the audience. This is a wonderful resource. Phenomenal resource, incredible platform for cooperation. But think about what kind of information it provides about you? When you use the board to watch videos together, when collaborating on the project, send it back and forth. It's as if Google was another member of your project. Neat, functional, fantastic suck every drop of your personal information.

Listen, guys. Google has its own satellite damn! Skynet! I'm not paranoid, I use all of this information for their own purposes, and agree that it is the engine of capitalism. Google works fine so, for what is taken. As a result, I bought shares Google. I use a bunch of their products. But I must tell you, Google sucks everything that you do. Google has enough RAM (not servers), Google now in their server farms, enough RAM, to keep all the information online. Think about it.

This is no exaggeration, I did not invent it, it really is. Just so you can imagine how huge this company. They add a repository disks, not stand, and bathrooms, and plan server farms, not in square meters and hectares. Which are connected to their private optical network, their dedicated networks, and feed on energy from private power plants. This is Skynet.

In 2006, I was arrested for HOPE. Later, in 2006, I said that the day will come when someone will be put on the basis of searches in Google and it happened. The guy came home, he was in the kitchen with his wife. In two criminals break into a house in ski masks, he tries to fight, he was beaten, fatally wounding his wife shot from a gun. They hide, he calls 911.

God Bless the detective who investigated the murder case. He naryl that her husband, Justin Barber, a month before the incident googled "injury from a gun shot to the chest" Mr. Barber, or on death row, or have already been executed.

You — what you google. Now about the "not the cause of evil." Google well-versed in social sympathies, and social unrest. If you use Google, to be nothing but puppies and unicorns (positive experiences), right? This is nonsense, "not the cause of evil" — nonsense. Google — the fierce, aggressive, predatory corporation. Which exists for the sake of profit. And well, I have no problem with that.

Their purpose is not a public good, not the good of society, and their reason for being, their main business model is to know everything about everyone and everything, and especially for you, and sell this information. And they're doing out of the ordinary things. And when people say they "can not do that," they answer, "Fuck you."

Here are some examples: Street View, book scanning and ownership, YouTube, infringement of trademarks Street View. Now the photos of New York Street View covers the face. But only in New York. Why? The man, whose name is Kevin Benkston, once checked on Street View your address. And I saw myself walking past his house. He wrote Google «Hey, I did not give you permission to take photographs." They replied, "Fuck you, no expectation of privacy, you were on the street." Cool. They did not know that's what — it is not enough that a lawyer, he is principal consultant EFF. Very, very bad move, Sergei.

After all the various nasty legal pieces, eventually Google said, "Well, we can take your picture and we will paint the pictures, but only where you can be." If he goes to Iowa, it can still click.

By the way, Google regularly violates the rules on private roads. I have a couple of great stories, but more on that later. Now Google is moving in space organizations. As if there was not enough to catch you out, now they catch you on the inside. In his blog, Jank Hank describes how going into a grocery store, he was struck by the presence of the photographs from Google. He probably went to him and asked, "What's going on?" And he said "do not worry, it's Google». New Yorkers understand the joke. Whatever it was, but now Google makes photos and inside too.

Google scans every book. Now I have a soon to be released book, I was suffering, that this book was published, thousands of hours, the nerves of having to deal with each kind of idiots you can imagine, not to mention my agent and publisher. You know, it was … you can say I gave birth. I used to hear people say that they have given birth to a book, so this is largely true. Google says "thanks for the suffering, and thousands of hours of your life, and soul, and the creative process, we now take it and scan the whole, from start to finish." And they do it in total disregard of copyright law. On this occasion, by the way, there is a war in the courts.

News. You were at There's Times, where Wall Street Journal, AP, there, and your local newspaper there, too. They allowed it Google? No. Google displays ads at the expense of another's content, for which the owners paid reporters and photographers, and editors, and to whom they are not paid to create it? Yes. Google says «New York Times, you have a budget of $ 200,000,000 per year, or $ 500,000,000 a year, thank you for making all this content, we will now use it to sell ads, and you can go to hell." Absolute nihilism.

Understand the following — Google is a great power in itself. Last year (2009), the revenues Google made $ 23.61 billion. If they need lawyers, they can hire any, what they want. Their net income was $ 6.5 billion. Value of their assets — $ 43 billion, of which $ 26 billion — are financial assets. By the way, the math, it turns out that they have the infrastructure worth $ 17 billion. I was amused by this figure is greater than the sum of their financial assets.

One more thing about Google, before we move on to the next topic, because I have to speed up and show you some interesting things. CNET decided to interview Google. They called Google, Google said, "Sure, come to our head office, we will arrange a meeting with the responsible for PR». A reporter, before you go there, decided to google information about the man with whom she was to meet. In conversation, she broached the subject of privacy. And she said, "By the way, I've pogulila about you, and that's what I found — your wife's name, address, names of children, your hobbies, and so on." Dossier on 53 pages. Guy precipitated, stopped the interview, set her on campus Google, and banned for a year CNET interviewing Google.

It's not like he was ready to accept the reality that he created for others. In general, not about google Google.

And once again, why do they do it? Why do they know that you are looking for, everywhere where you go, all your important messages, all your calendar, documents that you produce what you are reading the book, what do you do with a mobile which photos — because they bought Picasa, which blogs you read, in which blogs you are writing, why it's important to them? Because they want you to sell products. Not because they want to violate your privacy, while Sergey Brin and like a little red-haired Boris Bednova. Because they want to sell you things. And the more they know about you, the more you will be able to vparit.

To be mentioned.

Android phones make screenshots. Regular screenshots of everything that you do on your phone, stored in the memory. Pardon the expression, google to check. There is something that I call as follows. I decided to coin the phrase "Guglozavisimost." Think about how they get you hooked. Think of Android as a key dope, Gmail as a key drug.

After these sucking a private service, — Calendar, Gmail, address book, documents, Google, phones Androids, — at least for a year, you're hooked. And no program "Quit Google in 12 Steps", not "anonymous gugloidov" you hooked and you and him not fail. Think about how difficult it will be for you to give up Gmail, reject Google Voice, remove all documents from Google, from the tables, throw your phone from Google, and all the extra features that you have programmed into it.

Google does something brilliant. Yet it is not much prosekli may not in this room, not the hacker conference, but it's the most brilliant thing that makes Google.

iPhone — is "Hitler", the phone. For everything that you would want to do, you have to ask permission from Apple. Can I please, please for this program? Can I please, please upload songs in iTunes? A program? Can I please, please sync my phone? IPhone, of course, despite the fact that you bought it, it's yours, it your data, your property, your product, your email address, it is still owned by Apple, and you accordingly too. They are the conditions of use.

Google makes all brilliant. Google has followed the unwritten laws of the web. He says, "We give you a free program." I talked to some people who have used it, and it seems, if you remember the old days, the way it was with Macs when there was HyperCard. In the following weeks, a maximum of a couple of months, you will be able to create their own programs for phones Android. Ie if you need some kind of program, and for this application yet, make your own.

And when you begin to do this, you will become even more dependent on Google. Sergey Brin claws deeper vopyutsya in your neck, sucking the last drops of privacy.

Understand the essence of the transaction. Android phones are phenomenal. They are incredible. They are fully in line with expectations from the phone. But whatever you do with them is transferred to Google. But it does not hurt you to choose the phone Android. It may even encourage me to switch to Android. Possible to program the phone to, for example, sang a song that went to the room and opened the door for me. It's like the Borg.

It is true that humanity will be assimilated. And after a while you do come and say, "Take me." But they do it brilliantly, not as a Nazi Apple «You belong to us, you'll do just what we tell you." No, Android says, 'Do what you want, but tell us about it. " Right?

For those of you who are saying, "Oh God, I did not realize that Google collects and analyzes all of this information." I must tell you that there is a solution. Listen carefully, the silence in the room, because it is very very important, it's a news story that I recently found, and it explains how to get rid of Google. [Roller asylum from Google] This is from the Onion, love the Onion. This video is on Youtube, believe it or not.

Another important point — it does not only Google. Your attention is worth the money, not only for Google, but for all the others. And then I'll walk at cruising speed for all other people who suck your privacy.


About Yahoo speak less than about Google, but they are almost as many email accounts as in Gmail, there are groups of Yahoo, is My Yahoo, their position is very strong in Europe and Asia, web hosting, e-commerce, and they immediately warn you — "When you register with Yahoo, and come into our services, you are not anonymous."

Why do they do it? Because they want to sell your data. And they talk about it — "squeezing every drop of valuable user data." It's no secret, but everything seems to care. Now, if you look at Yahoo in terms of marketing, they are proud that they have 500 million users, know their preferences, dislikes, habits, hobbies, whatever they are doing, and was happy to sell you the attention of this audience. Yahoo does not do it because he wants to control your every move, but because he wants to earn your attention.


You know, I grew up in a time when Microsoft was considered the main villain. Now I do not believe that at that time we thought more privacy for what they did not want to exclude Internet Explorer from your PC. It was a hot topic for a year, right? How I miss those days.

Talk about deanonimizatsii. This is a very important point. Do you think that When you search for something on the web, watch videos, send mail, you are anonymous? NO! Let me tell you, whatever you do, step by step, shows you more and more. All this sends Google, and part and me to understand who you really are.

A day I will know you are a man or a woman, where you live, where you work, but if I have even a phone number, for example, if you use the internet on your phone, will I get from the database your name, I'll know your movements throughout the day, all the rest.

But suppose you throw your phone, and we're only talking about your activities on the web. I want to tell you that your browser with the plug-ins, your actions, cookie, regular visits to some resources, is absolutely unique. Open your browser, look at the properties, and find that it acts as an identifier, it is print, digital print.

And EFF — "God bless their hearts radical aging hippies," they have a tool to view the profile of the browser, and all you care about, it will show.

Here is one example. The U.S. Congress, in its unbridled attempts to disrupt your privacy, the government sent a query to each search resource requirements to give your entire search history. AOL said — we will give you the story, but will remove the names from there. You will have everything that they were looking for, but there will be names, IP addresses, and other identifiers.

Because this information was given to Congress, it became available to the public, New York Times sent a request to the program FOYA, get millions of search queries, and began to analyze. Here's someone who was looking for "60-year-old single man", "landscape designers in Georgia", "settlement Shadow Lake», «Arnold," and "dog that urinates on everything." When the NY Times went to the village of Shadow Lake, in Georgia, they actually found a man there, Arnold, who was 60, and he had a dog that really peed on everything.

Not that hard deanonimizirovat search history. By the way, in the process, not that hard deanonimizirovat and your social security number. Here, again, from the EFF, PanoptiClick, and look awful.

In general, all here in the information security specialists, and you know that each browser unique, unique plugins, search history is unique, unique version of the browser, it prints. There are research papers written about deanonimizatsii data. Here's an example, the work on the remote identification of physical devices. The U.S. government is sponsoring this development, which allows you to remotely get into your network printer, and identify it. How to get to the terminal, and to identify this terminal. Remote receiving prints of physical devices. Googled it, and begin to be afraid, very afraid.

Once again, it's not news, but people do not think about it. Cookies, Browsing History pages, download history, integrated graphics. Do you think you've gone from the page? No. Micro-page, URL with your name, email, password, or even, sadly, I see often painful.

Flash cookies. You can not delete flash cookies. How many people know what Flash cookies? Lord, thank you for the geeks. When I ask this question in general audiences, at best, one man raises his hand. For those of you who do not know what flash cookies, are persistent cookies, which can not be cleaned to remove cookies in the browser, and they allow you to restore your entire browsing history. Flash cookie stores all your history, and then gives it to a normal cookie, once you think you have deleted it. Surprise!

Oh, this is my favorite resource. AbandonmentTracker. How many of you out of town, there were a wonderful electronics stores at Time Square? You come in, look at the camera, shake your head and walk away. And once someone is like for you on the street and said "Mister, mister, you'll love this camera, let me tell you about this camera is a great camera, how much you pay for this camera?" This online version of this. You leave the Web site, AbandonmentTracker actually follows you to the following site, and says, "Wait a second, why did you leave, tell us please?" And like the web is becoming more and more, they follow you to the following site, want to see where you left.

Let's say you're on, and then went on ebay, agaa for some reason Amazon could not sell you the product. AbandonmentTracker tracks you even when you think you have gone. In their advertising they say that 50% of people responding to the question of why they left, and get e-mail addresses, IP addresses, and in general they boast, they molested people, and what percentage of them came back.

As a result, you will at best only half are anonymous on the web, if you take some action to do so. Not 100% you can detect and identify. But many things are to identify the server. That's why I was very scared that Google becomes ISP.

For those of you who do not know about NebuAd and about Phorm, are services cataloging behavior is hosted. This is not a matter of what you do online, they explore everything that passes through the router. Tracking your clicks also allows you to uniquely identify.

Do I need to raise privacy issues in cloud computing? Wash, everything is clear … — You are trying to post resumes, all can read all about your career. Not only Monster — everybody does. Education, salaries, when I develop somebody, all I do is watch. ZABA — out of date, but still a lot of addresses. ZoomInfo — funny, but also a good database.

Each torrent tracker, blog, financial services, all that can be gathered about you — going.

And sites "Fury", "Do not date him, he was a goat" and "Who's a rat?"

It reads: This guy will use you. He smokes grass all day, but without grass he mad. He has problems with anger. Writes Irene Carter III, suspected of treason. This is Jonathan. He's such a liar. He said he loved me and we were together for four years, and then I caught him in bed with another guy (Signs of a guy's name and address)

Club Bad (Examples dossier snitches on the screen)

Some deserve their own sites, as, for example, the private detective who broke all the possible laws of ethics. You can go to this site, there is even porn with his participation.

There are other sites with complaints about poor service or deception.

One in three Americans has its own blog. The last time two years ago it was 1 in 10.

Translation lecture —

Source: World News BOHN

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