Production at the KHP helicopter, KumAPP and AAK Progress in 2012

Bmpd blog posted a summary report on the production of helicopters at JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" (LSC), JSC "Kumertausskoe Aviation Production Enterprise" (KumAPP) and JSC "Arsenyev Aviation Company" Progress. "Have it your attention.

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 Thus, a total amount of 290 helicopters built by companies holding company "Helicopters of Russia" in 2012, the layout of helicopters to the plants and types is as follows:

JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" — 98 helicopters (93 series and six Mi-8/Mi-17 "ANSAT-U")

JSC "Kumertausskoe Aircraft Manufacturing Company" — 17 helicopters (one Ka-31, Ka-five 32A11VS, 11 Ka-226)

JSC "Arsenyev Aviation Company" Progress "- 21 helicopters (Ka-52)

JSC "Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant" — 100 helicopters (series Mi-8/Mi-17)

"Rostvertol" — 54 helicopters (Mi-26, seven,18 Mi-28N and Mi-29 series 35) — UPDATE! Russian joint stock companies quietly publish their annual financial statements for 2012. Made a small sample of the data from these curious documents of the enterprises of the holding "Helicopters of Russia".

Arseniyevsky "Progress" with revenues of 22.5 mldr. rub. (Previous year — 10.3), nearly 100% of which is derived from the sale of the main product — the Ka-52. In 2012, they were released more than two dozen "Alligator." The cost of one machine was 810,470,000. Rub. All aircraft at year-end were left for safekeeping in the factory. Later, five of them were transferred to / h 13984, based at the airfield Chernigovka in Primorye (apparently, it's five Ka-52 with tail number 01,02,21,22,23 yellow was seen in the beginning of March, a colleaguepressa-tof).

The remaining sixteen helicopters are intended, according to the report, for a / h 35666 of Korenovska. These machines are delivered from the Maritime aircraft military transport aircraft in Rostov-on-Don, where the final assembly in the shops Rostvertol (reports about a colleagueherehereandhere) On Korenovska AFB were assigned hull numbers 41 to 56 are red. Released last year on the "progress" of the Ka-52 are the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth series production, as well as a helicopter — the final of the fifth series (05-05). Sbestoimost of helicopters was more than 17.3 mldr. rub., so "Progress" has profited nearly 3.6 mldr. rub. It should be noted that the production of helicopters on the "progress" in 2012 significantly exceeded that of the year before, when it was released only nine Ka-52. At the same time, this year to maintain a high rate of production in Arsenyev not plan, according to the report will even decrease in output of 13.7% compared with 2012 due to the reduction of the state order.

Another holding company "Helicopters of Russia", producing helicopters brand "Kamov" — Kumertau aircraft manufacturing company ended 2012 with a profit of almost 1.9 mldr. rub. Last year it was released 17 helicopters and implemented — 23. Among them were five helicopters of the Ka-32 (in 2009 and 2010 2 and 4, respectively), two of which received the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (one received a registration number RF-32805, which became the final contract in 2010 for six cars, a second with the number of RF-32807 was manufactured under a separate contract signed in 2012), the same — Kazaviaspas, one Ka-32A11VS was handed a Brazilian company «Helicargo». It is worth noting that a year agoplannedsurrender in 2012, twenty helicopters of this family.

In the past year Kumertau was produced eleven Ka-226 (in 2009 and 2010 — 4 and 10), two of which came in the aircraft interior ministry units in the Krasnodar Krai and Tatarstan (RF-registration numbers 21012 and 21014). The remaining nine are likely to have been made in the modification of the Ka-226.80 for the Defense Ministry of Russia (some of themlitjust the other day at the airfield near Saratov Sokol). Total revenue for the company received orders from the Defense Ministry of $ 1.8 mldr. rub. The planned for delivery in the MOE Ka-226T is made at the time was not on the actions of the customer, I wrote a little earlier inLearn, but, despite the extension of the supply contract and a review of the initial letters of introduction of "Helicopters of Russia" in the register of unfair suppliers, the helicopter at the time was not raised again in March, and FEMA has again turned to the FAS Russia with a request for holding the black list. Despite this unpleasant event, aircraft manufacturers of Kumertau more than two times higher than their own plans for the production of cars of family Ka-226 — in last year's report, they mentioned the plans for the production of five Ka-226 in 2012

In addition, in 2012, was made a KumAPP AEW helicopter Ka-31 (the previous two years, there were 4 and 9, respectively). Also in 2011 it was commissioned two AEW helicopter under the code "article 531", and therefore it is not clear to what the customer (India, China and the Russian Navy), under which codes are AEW helicopters. Also last year, the Kumertau two helicopters were commissioned after the overhaul.

This year KumAPP plans to launch serial production of modified Ka-226T, a portfolio of orders for which are mentioned is the same one machine for Emergency and 18-Th — for Gaspromavia, which is planned to pass in 2013-2014. Total company intends to make this year's 20 helicopters (in the next two years — 32 and 36), and to implement — 27 (apparently, this number includes cars from previous years of release). Also in 2013-2014, the stored plans to renovate the three previously released helicopters annually.

Significantly higher rates of production at the Kazan helicopter plant. According to the report of this company, last year it produced 98 helicopters, of which 29 received the Russian customers, the largest of which is the Ministry of Defense, received in 2012, no less thansix"ANSAT-U", three Mi-8 MTV-1 for 12 aviation units SU Ministry of Defense, the exact number of Mi-8 MTV-5-1 transferred under the contract for 140 vehicles in 2011-2020., Is still unknown. And three Mi-8 MTV-1 has received the Russian Emergencies Ministry. The largest exporters of cardiovascular disease in the past year were the Ministry of Defence of India, Egypt and Azerbaijan, as well
as the U.S. government that ordered the Mi-17V-5 for the Air Force in Afghanistan. Furthermore Kazan Mi-17s were delivered to Mexico, Belarus and the Indian company Pawan Hans.

It is worth noting that the Kazan helicopter manufacturers are actively conducted research on the subject of various versions of "Ansat" — ANSAT-M ANSAT-1M, ANSAT hydromechanical control system. In 2012, R &D started on "ANSAT-2M".

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