Production of building a series of Strong

The plant "Stalkonstruktsiya" presents you a new video trailer for "Manufacture of prefabricated buildings" Strong. "If the installation of the building on the construction site the customer can see and control at any given time, the actual process of production buildings is usually behind the scenes. We show how this is !

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Buildings Series
"Strong" have in its base frame by frame basis of variable rigidity. This allows for optimal weight indices section, and thus save time and money. On the basis of these skeletons are made industrial buildings, logistics centers and warehouses, sports facilities, agricultural facilities, showrooms and offices.


  • high technology and the ability to fully automate the production;

  • resistance to dynamic loads and temperature;

  • supply SKD elements, which reduces the time and cost of transportation;

  • seriality: buildings can be single or multi-span;

  • can be equipped with additional equipment in the form of a gate, svetoaeratsionnyh skates drainage and ventilation systems, natural lighting, retaining walls, grain, etc.

Read more about the buildings series "Strong" is available on our website

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