Production of laminated veneer lumber factory ARDIS

1. The material for the production of laminated veneer lumber is mostly spruce or pine boards. The plant comes timber, which is discharged, checked for quality. Then, a so-called drying packets. When laying the boards in drying packets are additional inspection for quality.


2. Load in the dryers Muhlbock Vanicek (Austria). Because of the different properties and characteristics of spruce and pine dried separately. Dryers are completely automated, run the program and the operator monitors the drying process. The temperature is maintained up to 65 º. Drying takes place over 10 days in a "soft mode". Wood will dry out without losing the properties that do not destroy the structure does not change color. Moisture leaving the lumber drying is — 10 + — 2%.


3. Then the board passes the primary gouging.
4. After that comes the zone troubleshooting, where workers indicate defects in the board and mark on the interior and exterior. Then the optimizer OPTICUT of WEINIG Germany cuts and removes defects and quality blanks on the conveyor comes to the line joining the company GRECON (Germany). The output lamella have a length of 20 meters.

5. After exposure to a special timber conveyor secondary gouging tested simultaneously applied to the surface of the adhesive and hardener. ARDIS is used in the production of adhesive system Akzo Nobel, environmentally safe system EPI class D4. Depending on the form of the assignment operator is the thickness of the future timber.
6. Coated adhesive slats are formed on the storage table, and after complete accumulation comes in a press where they are align with the side clamp and further compaction occurs. Press time set by the operator, and it depends on the temperature in the shop.
7. After the press glued beams arrive at the profiling machine Makron Engineering (Finland).
8. Further beam passes through the machine Makron Logmatic, which according to the project details in the size of the cut is kickoff cups and different holes.

9. After producing the parts labeled and packaged into transport packets.

10. Our laminated veneer lumber goes to the construction site where the construction team begins to assemble at home.

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