Production of molybdenum-99 is expanded in Dimitrovgrad

Production of molybdenum-99 — for the manufacture of isotope tracers — expanding at the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (RIAR) in Dimitrovgrad.

Molybdenum — one of the most sought-after medical isotopes. It is used in the manufacture of preparations for the diagnosis of cancer. To date, a deficiency of this isotope in the world exceeds 30%, reported in the Institute of Dimitrovgrad.

"One of the leading supplier of this product is Canada, but she was having problems with the fact that the reactor, where they built up by this isotope, fulfills the resource. Now we are trying to replace their power"- Said the director of the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors in Dimitrovgrad Vladimir Trojans.

The first stage of the production of molybdenum was launched in 2010. Now for the continuous production of this isotope Institute has engaged three reactors.

The second phase, scheduled for completion in 2012, involves the construction of additional manufacturing space. Scientists promise to increase the production capacity of up to 2,500 curies per week, which is about 20% of the world market of molybdenum-99.

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