Production of paints and protective timber in Russia

Group of companies "Rogneda" — the modern Russian manufacturer of materials for construction and repair. Our priority — the production of professional tools wood protection.
The company was formed in 1992.

For long, the 18-year history, was successfully passed a path that begins with the production of contact adhesives and ognebiozaschitnogo of "CDS", to further develop the texture of "Aquatex" became real best-sellers of the market, and finally coming up to a wide range of marketable products . Considering the range of differentiation as an important component of our development strategy, today we produce more than 60 types of materials not only to protect the wood, but also paints, decorative, waterproof, flame retardants.

Company's brand portfolio includes such well known brands as:
Aquatex, Eurotex, WoodMaster, Dali.

GC "Rogneda" consists of a variety of companies with individual specialization: production, management and administration, sales, marketing, supply. The quality management system of JSC "Rogneda", part of the GC "Rogneda" certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2008, which ensures complete quality control at all stages of production. Production departments of the two factory sites are equipped with modern automated German equipment, providing high performance (up to 50,000 tons of finished products per year) and accuracy of all processes and, therefore, consistently high quality output.
Own research and development center has modern laboratories equipped with high-precision equipment from leading manufacturers.
Professional staff to provide a high level of scientific development and introduction of new technologies into production. The core of the company — a team of professionals providing a high level of scientific research, technology and service culture.
The active position, the development of competitive advantages, creating new areas of growth and prestige manufacturer federal scale allow GC "Rogneda" most fully satisfy the desires of their customers and meet the best practice in international construction community.

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