Products Togliattikauchuk the fifth time became a state standard for quality

Butyl rubber stamps BK-1675N, isoprene rubber SKI-3 grade and copolymer rubber SKMS ARKM-30-15 production Togliattikauchuk included in SIBUR, for the fifth time became the basis for making the state standard samples (GSO). Products selected by experts of the research institute of synthetic rubber. Academician SV Lebedev (NIISK, St. Petersburg)


GSO is made every two years to ensure the traceability of quality raw materials and finished products. On the qualitative characteristics of the sample are oriented rubber industry, tire and rubber company of Russia and CIS countries.

Rubber stamps have been selected for initial testing Togliattikauchuk and will soon be sent to the laboratory tests on the eight enterprises rubber, tire, rubber industry in Russia and CIS countries. According to the results of comprehensive tests will NIISK metrological evaluation of quality rubber and buried a Togliatti in their attestation certificate GEO. Samples will be made in the summer.

Products Togliattikauchuk 8 years is a model of quality for the domestic industry.

Togliattikauchuk produces three types of rubber: butyl rubber, styrene and isoprene rubber — as well as monomers fraction and high-octane gasoline additive. Copolymer rubber SKMS ARKM-30-15, isoprene rubber stamps SKI-3 and BK-1675N butyl rubber used in tire, rubber, cable, footwear and other industries.
About 70% of production is exported Togliattikauchuk. Synthetic rubber is available in the USA, Canada, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro, Hungary, the Netherlands, Turkey, France, Belgium, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia and other countries.

NIISK them. Academician SV Lebedev — the first institution in the world, who developed an industrial process for the production of synthetic rubber. It is engaged in fundamental and applied research in the field of rubber and latex, as well known for his works on creation of polymers with specific properties for the defense industry, aviation and space technology, military shipbuilding

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