Products with bio NEFU of moss? stores in the Republic and the Olympic Games in Sochi

Products with biological properties of moss educational, scientific and technological laboratory NEFU "Mechano biotechnology" goes to the broader market.

Now bread "Polar" can be found on the shelves of chain stores "Ajgul." "By working closely with the Chamber of Commerce of Sakha (Yakutia) and" Ajgul "our bread is made in experimental mode? says the head of the laboratory NEFU Vera Anshakova. ? While, of course, is a test period: we see how consumers would react positively to the new product. " 

According to scientists, mehanoaktirovanny moss increases the nutritional value and freshness of bread products. The latter feature has already generated interest from companies bioadditive republic. "This summer in the lab with an offer to use our technology applied Olekminsky Bakery,? Faith tells Anshakova. ? Indeed, during the hay when the population travels to work from remote settlements Alaas is very important duration of keeping fresh. "

In this laboratory successes NEFU "Mechano biotechnology" does not end there. Together with a large Moscow company LLC "Soyuzsnab" created a new ice cream flavor, an ingredient which is used ultrafine powdered moss. The new product, according to the creators, is designed for athletes and fans. At this time, ice cream gets approval documents, and will be presented at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.


Educational, scientific and technological laboratory "Mechano biotechnology" was established in 2011 under the SEC "Nanotechnology" and the Center for collective use of the Arctic Innovation Center NEFU. On the basis of the laboratory in the process of completion of scientific research to create a competitive knowledge-based, high-performance bio-products and its preparation for industrial production. Laboratory specialists developed a mechano-chemical technology of highly complex physiologically active compounds (PAC) of the antibiotic activity of the thalli of lichens growing on the north and with high bioactivity.

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