Progress has successfully docked with the ISS

"Progress" for the third time successfully docked with the ISS on a shortened scheme

Russian cargo ship "Progress" is successfully docked with the ISS. "Progress M-18M" docked to the docking module "Zvezda" at 00:40 MSK automatically "- ITAR-TASS quoted the Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC).

In the history of the ISS is the third successful docking on a shortened, six-hour scheme. The first launch of this scheme (the ship makes only four turns around the orbit) has been worked out in August of this year on "Progress M-16M", which is on Saturday, February 9, was sunk in the Pacific Ocean.

According to the representative of the MCC, the experts' several years engaged in the development of the new scheme, tested it on Earth, and discussed with the astronauts. "

"Truck" is needed for the development of the technology — said the expert. — In the future we plan to use a shorter circuit while flying manned "Soyuz", perhaps as early as March 2013, when the space station crew will leave the ISS 35/36. "

This will greatly facilitate the life and preserve the health of cosmonauts and astronauts who were forced during the day to suffer from the cold, no hot food, as well as the unpleasant symptoms of adaptation to weightlessness in a confined space ship.

"Progress M-18M" delivered to the ISS more than 2.5 tonnes of various goods, including food, water, air tanks and oxygen, sanitary facilities, fuel, equipment for the space station modules.

In addition, the crew of the ISS in the Russians Oleg Novitsky, Yevgeny Tarelkin and Roman Romanenko and NASA astronaut Kevin Ford, Thomas Mashburn and Canadian Christopher Hadfield received parcels from families and psychologists.

Nutritionists have loaded on board the "Progress", in addition to standard diets, fresh fruits and vegetables. All the fruits packed in special containers, allowing to keep them fresh for months.

The astronauts were also products for individual orders: meats, seafood, fruit drinks. In the premises of the families of the astronauts and psychologists will also find a lot of delicacies — chocolates, dried fruits, nuts and other goodies that will not only bring diversity to the menu "gods", but raise them up.

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