Progress M-19M went to the ISS

Space vehicle Progress M-19M was launched today by the International Space Station.


He takes on the international station 2.5 tonnes of cargo: Fuel for the maintenance of the ISS, food, water and air for astronauts, as well as scientific equipment and parts for the station.

Also, the ISS will be delivered to the new treadmill for training astronauts. Russian simulator BD-2 will replace American TVIS.

The launch of "Soyuz-U" was held at 14.12 Moscow time from the Baikonur space center, RIA Novosti reported. Docking of "Progress M-19M" to the ISS is scheduled for April 26 in an automatic mode. Truck will fly to orbit for two days, and not on the "short" a six-hour scheme.

Currently, the ISS astronauts are keeping watch Roscosmos Pavel Vinogradov, Alexander Misurkin and Roman Romanenko, NASA astronauts Thomas Mashburn and Christopher Cassidy and the Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Running GTK "Progress M-19M" was carried out in the framework of the International Space Station.

The next mission in two days 26.04.2013. Carrier rocket Soyuz 2.1b will be launched on the satellite navigation GLONASS-M

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