Project ERA-GLONASS MVNO license issued

Non-commercial partnership "Promoting the development and use of navigation technologies" (NP "GLONASS"), defined by the Government of the Russian Federation the sole executor of the project of creating navigation and information system "ERA-GLONASS", was licensed MVNO (mobile virtual network operator — a virtual mobile network operator).

Obtaining a license partnership will ensure the best possible coverage of "ERA-GLONASS" as if the scene has a coating of at least one cellular carrier, the information about the incident will be promptly transmitted to the response center, and assistance will be provided as quickly as possible.

Implementation of the project "ERA-GLONASS" involves equipping vehicles Russian navigation and communication terminals based on GLONASS for automatic alarm in case of accident and emergency communication with the emergency services and the DPS.

The signal of the accident with the exact coordinates and other information with the car terminal ERA-GLONASS comes to the data center via the mobile operator that ensures the quality coverage at the scene.

The state system of emergency response in case of accidents, "ERA-GLONASS" is created in order to preserve the life and health of the victims of road traffic accidents and other emergency situations on the roads of Russia.

Building the infrastructure "ERA-GLONASS" is financed by the federal budget. In early 2014, the system has to be put into operation, connects users will occur as they become vehicles with mounted units "ERA GLONASS".

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