Promised, promised and will promise

Promised, promised and will promiseRussian authorities sometimes forgets or pretend that forgets about the continuing economic crisis. This "forgetfulness" is expressed in a priori unfeasible promises. For example, not so long ago Prime Minister Putin suddenly for many said that the state budget will be allocated large funds to repair "broken roads." Thus the sum expressed by Vladimir Putin, forcing cringe — is more than a trillion dollars! The amounts of these orders were called to allocate funds for the modernization of the army, to equip health facilities, education reform. In general, all of the unhealthy places of our country, according to statements by the Prime Minister, will be treated for 5-7 years so that the country is reincarnated as said, a classic, a garden city.

It is, of course, well, when such people in the country is Russian, which can promise, promise and again promise, but that promise can not be endless. Circumstances that pronounced Putin, to put it mildly, does not meet current economic realities, somewhat. In 1-x, our economy is so podsazheny the oil "needle" that skakni prices sharply down, as is not so much about the trillions on the road will have to think, there is need to look like a gentler fall, coupled with our monetary system. In-2, we are not so well earn to live on such a grand scale. B-3, even if the promised 20 percent will be allocated, most of the funds will settle in the pockets of officials, intermediaries, and to solve real-world problems will reach a pittance.

In addition, we have in the near future there has been a real legal sabotage. Laws are taken at the top of one, and at the regional level, there are the so-called "traktovschiki texts" that turn them into others. These people are called "translate" to innocent people, that the laws and decrees written. Here, for example: from the highest podium in Moscow was told that, say, from the 1st of September to raise the salaries of school teachers as much as 30%. Teachers have already started to rub his hands, when he explained to them in the teachers' meetings, which is 30% rises than their wages, and so called payroll. This means that the funds will come to the school and the administration intentionally dispose of these funds at their discretion. And if any of the teachers allowed to speak for themselves uncomplimentary about the need to get rid of requisitions from students and parents, it is natural that such teacher get figs with oil, not extra charge to pay. Nothing, they say, was a parvenu be. So, you want to boost your salary, yell at each corner "Ivan Ivanovich — a good director!" In general, the system is painfully similar to serfdom, when the king's father singled funds nobles on the development of farms, and those walking in that whole lot of soul — well, not as serfs to distribute, in actual fact.

Naturally, all these promises are clear. We go into the next election maelstrom. There must be something to appease people. Vaughn — even gas prices even decided not to raise. And once the people with screens made it clear that if, say, someone had loaf that is on the eve of the Duma campaign, he was mistaken. It's just a gift to the people of the authorities hot lover.

You may recall how many of these promises was at one time and how many of them made. Because seriously voiced trillions, of course, is not necessary. The main objective for these people — to stay in power to continue the slow process of reform and modernization of the economy and other spheres. And the process is more similar to the way doctors ailing transferred from one chamber to the other — maybe the magic happens — and ozdoroveet iris. But miracles, unfortunately, in our country there is no …

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