Promulgated by the shocking truth about the present state of affairs in Russia

Promulgated by the shocking truth about the real state of affairs in Russia

Past director of the Institute of Statistics Basil Simchera with the words: "Tired of lying!" Presented real data

We have somehow come to terms with the fact that the official (in the face of Federal State Statistics Service, and other agencies), statistics, fixing the "achievements" of the Russian Federation, to us, to put it mildly, not always says the truth. From time to time, stretching the truth. To put it mildly. Well, well, survive. Especially since they themselves are something we have long appreciate the life around us its measure. But that she had lied because it's not so long ago exposed the last director of the Institute of Statistics of the Federal State Statistics Service Basil Simchera? It is, to put it mildly, very much. I sang once Vysotsky

…If it's true —
Well, at least for the third part —
Only one thing:
Just go to die!

Between Mr. Simchera and State Duma deputy from the Communist Party in the days of Oleg Smolin skirmish occurred. It happened that both of them were members of the conference in Russian municipal economic and trade institute. So here, the ex-head of the Research Institute of Statistics showed claims Mr. Smolin as a representative of the authority (after all, the one deputy, deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Education): that the power shamelessly lied to us. Himself, Mr. Simchera emphasizes Smolin, resigned, saying: "Tired of lying!". And introduced its statistical picture of what actually happened and is happening in Russia. These are appalling — like Vysotsky.

Rejecting the claim to its own, as a government representative, the address, Smolin writes: "Of course, I remember a youth formula is heresy, heresy is sassy, and there are statistics! Obviously, he did not once used the other data polling agencies and institutions of Russian Academy. And yet the data ex-director of the Institute of Statistics, summarized in a table entitled "Dual assess the main characteristics of the development of Russian economy in 2001-2010." Create shocking. " Smolin presented them with their commentaries on the pages of "Soviet Russia." So — here's a horrifying picture of degradation of our country in the "dry" calculations do not someone else, but, again, time to nedavneshnego — Director of the Institute of Statistics of Rosstat:

National treasure of. Official: $ 4.0 trillion. Practically (according to the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation Institute of Statistics): $ 40 trillion. Understatement of 10, says Smolin, you need to authorities in order to sell on the cheap oligarchs and foreigners remains of the former supplies nationwide, and simultaneously grind populations that we do not live worse than working.

Size of intellectual capital. Official: $ 1.5 trillion. Almost $ 25 trillion. Understatement of intellectual capital of the Russian Federation is almost 17 times, according to the views of Smolin, helping the authorities to prove the course of copying the worst specimens zabugornogo education, as well — the importation of foreign funds for mad scientists in support of its own poor.

Shred investment as% of GDP. Official: 18.5%. Practical: 12.2%. Oversize one and a half times the investment in the economy makes an incorrect picture of well-being, continues to Smolin. In fact, the country's economy is dominated by the principle of "buy-sell-stealing."

The rate of growth of GDP. Official: 6%. Almost 4%. "Inflating" one and a half times the growth rate of GDP, the government is trying to convince the public that it announced a doubling of 2003-2010 years. could take place, if not the global crisis. In fact, says Smolin, in 2003-2008. economy grew by only a quarter, and in the crisis 2009 we were the champions fall in the middle of the "Big Twenty"! As for GDP, it sarcastically remarked MP seems not going to double or even increased fivefold, but not in terms of gross domestic product, as Vladimir Putin's two terms as president, a prime minister and two presidential again, for the same length equal to three .

Average inflation for the year. Official: 6-8%. Practical: 18.27%. It has long been clear, Smolin says that the rise in prices of essential goods in Russia is still faster than the average for all goods and services. Because inflation for the poor (social inflation) is still higher than for the rich. And the poorer a family is, the faster grow food prices, which it buys. As explained by the ex-director of the Institute of Statistics, 18% per year price grow specifically for those products and services that are becoming poorer citizens. Because not surprisingly, that even the government is actually once a year recognizes the growing gap between the poor and the affluent. Institute of Statistics data indicate, namely, that the so-called vaunted authorities. increase in pensions in 2009-2010. in the best case, offset higher prices for essential goods for two years.

The gap in income of the richest 10% and poorest 10%. Official: 16 times. Practical: 28-36 times. This higher performance not only in Western Europe and the Land of the Rising Sun, not just the United States, and many countries in Latin America, says Smolin. Maximum allowable level of national security, according to the director of the Institute of Social and Political Sciences research G.Osipova is 10. In Russia, it is exceeded by three times.

The gap in the level of gross domestic product by region. Official: 14 times. Almost 42 times. In social terms Our homeland has long ceased to be a unified state, says Smolin. If Moscow is living at the level of the Czech Republic, the Republic of Tuva — at the level of Mongolia. Federal power resets all the regions in greater and greater degree of social responsibility and immediately pulls out their more funds in order to invest in foreign securities. Due to poverty financed virtually Russian province, namely, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in part — and in Libya. Article 114 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation requested that the government pursued a single social policy in areas throughout the country. Performed by the government their responsibilities when gaps in regional development are superior to the 10's again, decide for yourself, appeals to readers Smolin.

Fraction of the population belonging to a social underclass, in% of the total population. Official: 1.5%. Almost 45%. According to the Institute of Statistics (Rosstat), the country's 12 million alcoholics, more than 4.5 million drug addicts, above one million homeless kids. Not surprisingly, that the official figures are understated by 30 times: almost half of the underclass in the richest country — evidence of the complete failure of the economic and social policy of the authorities.

The share of loss-making companies. Official: 8%. Almost 40%. According to the modern physical indicators of the Russian economy hopelessly behind the Russian, and the taxes on the real economy, as opposed to the personal income taxes of billionaires are enormous, says Smolin.

The level of total tax revenues acquired, in%. Official: 45%. Almost 90%. Surprisingly, we are still working, and why the oligarchs are still missing? In general, said Oleg Smolin, partly explains the following figure.

The level of tax evasion, as a% of revenues
Officially 30%. Almost 80%. The authority says Smolin, pretends that collects taxes, and the citizens they pretend that they are paying!

The wear of fixed assets, in%. Official: 48.8%. Almost 75.4%. If God wants to punish the person selects the mind, says Smolin. It appears from the Russian government that's happened. What can be the entry into the World Trade Group (WTO) when the wear of fixed assets is 3/4? For the export of raw materials WTO is not required, but most of the Russian Federation there is nothing to export. The remains of the Russian production will be finished off. Full sovereign in the country will become transnational capital. In general, why would?

Fraction of the foreign capital in the Russian economy, in%. All in all — officially 20%. Almost 75%, of which:
— In the property. Officially 25%. Almost 60%;
— In the profits. Officially 21%. Almost 70%;
— In stocks. Officially 18%. Almost 90%.
"This is, ladies and gentlemen — asks Smolin — your sovereign democracy? If the RIS data are correct, in economic terms, we turn to the colony under the sonorous clicks, getting up from his knees! ".
In the grant — officially 14%. Almost 90%. Fun, Smolin says that the government is very wary of foreign grants, but with all this calmly taking foreign loans and encourage foreigners to buy our companies!

The real cost of upgrading, in billions of rubles. Official: 750. Almost 30. Not so if that real costs of upgrading to 25 times lower than announced, our technological gap increases, and all of its "steam" is a "whistle"?

Efficiency upgrades, as% of costs. Officially 25%. Practically 2.5%. Another would be: in order to justify a "sham" costs, says Smolin, you must show the "inflated" results. If you multiply one by the other, the effect is sugarcoated about 250 times! In general, in the past it was clear that all the noise about modernization — it's beautiful windows instead of stately buildings.

The difference between producer prices and retail prices, times. Official: 1.5. Practical: 3.2, including:
— In agriculture. Official: 1.3. Practically 4.0. The mediators 'fatten' impoverished workers and shoppers, and the power, just Verka Serduchka, repeats: "Well, everything will be fine! ..";
— In municipal procurement. Official: 1.1. Practical: 1.6. And here is obvious, "fatten" the bureaucrats. Not the case even President Dmitry Medvedev says that in the end the implementation of the law number 94 (PPL) was looted from the budget of about $ 1 trillion rubles.

The difference between appointed and paid tariffs of natural monopolies, times. Official: 1.1. Practically: 1.7, including in utility bills. Official: 1.2. Practically: 2.4. If "communal" paid at reasonable prices, says Smolin, it would cost the us half the price!

Unemployment rate,% of employment. Official: 2-3%. Almost 10-12%. The world is not all unemployed registered at the labor exchange. And because there is a difference between the official statistics and the statistics of international organizations work. But that the difference was 4-5 times as it is necessary to rig the stats!

The number of atrocities (2009), in millions of people. Official: 3.0. Practical: 4.8. Apparently, it is about almost two million crimes that are registered, but the official statistics do not get weird way, says Smolin. But a lot more important than the atrocities that are registered or not, or those in which people do not go to the police. According to estimates of the scientists of the Academy of Scientific Research Institute of the General Prosecutor's Office under the control of Dr. S.Inshakova, the number of such crimes is almost 10 times higher than official statistics records — about 26 million a year.

To save, summarizes Oleg Smolin, the power turns statistics sassy heresy, but to citizens trying to help her get on "rose-colored glasses." But in the history of political regimes have repeatedly died specifically from self-poisoning propaganda. I do not mind the regime, says the MP. It's a pity the country. And for her best lechuschee means — the truth.

Twofold evaluation of the main characteristics of the development of Russian economy in 2001-2010.
Promulgated by the shocking truth about the real state of affairs in Russia
Promulgated by the shocking truth about the real state of affairs in Russia
Promulgated by the shocking truth about the real state of affairs in Russia
Promulgated by the shocking truth about the real state of affairs in Russia
Promulgated by the shocking truth about the real state of affairs in Russia

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