Prospects project Zumwalt destroyers

Prospects project Zumwalt destroyers
It looks like the South American armed forces are experiencing far not the best times in our own history. Link to new technologies requests the development of new areas and the creation of modern military technology. But financiers municipal level do not share these goals. Motivate them more finansovlozheniya this very latest technology. And they, in turn, with each new project grow and shrink not collected.

Now a storm of criticism was the hope of the U.S. Navy — class destroyers Zumwalt. According to the specs, the ships with the nickname «invisible silver bullets» are a real superweapon fleet. Custom unobtrusive radar housing, proper materials of construction, the entire range missiles for various purposes, and even rail guns. All this will be complemented by modern electronics, etc., and the similar. Head destroyer project entitled DDG-1000 Zumwalt will be accepted into service in 2014. Will soon follow him two more ships. About the prospects for these services is no official destroyers of information. Yet, statements nedavneshnie South American Defense Minister L. Panetta can be considered a specific clue. Until 2020, the Pentagon intends to concentrate in the Pacific, about 60% of the power of their own navy. Of course, that «Zamvolty» fall into these two thirds.

At the same time, ships with reduced visibility and decent weapons can be useful not only in the Pacific. For example, the Persian Gulf or the Middle East region can not be called with measured. Because of the new destroyers will suffice. But while the ships started to fight other ships will be more and more urgent in the Pacific. China in recent years, increasing its naval forces and already can claim to be the favorite sea in this part of the planet. Needless to say, the United States is not prepared to play China, not only in the pace of economic development, and geopolitical influence. It should be noted that the features of the known «Zamvoltov» means that they can operate even in the coastal zone. A Chinese navy currently being adapted more specifically to combat such work. There could be a question about the upcoming development of a potential opponent in the face of China. Needless to say, after a couple of years, the Chinese sailors will be able to work relaxed and in remote areas of the coast. In this case, Zumwalt also able to engage in containment PLA Navy.

Only the Chinese seem to be not a bit afraid of new U.S. destroyers. Official comments from command has yet been received, but not so long ago, one of the Chinese admiral said during the interview about «Zamvoltah» in-sarcastically mocking form. According to him, there are no invincible ships in principle, but at least some superkorabl with the best electronics and weapons can be sent to the bottom by ordinary and effective means. At least, he added, Admiral, fishing boats with dynamite. Naturally, this is not an official statement, but so severe it is unlikely to be called, but in the words of Admiral has a reasonable grain. Modern war guarantees loss of all parties involved. Because economic factor acquires special significance.

And specifically, the financial side of the project Zumwalt is one of the main causes of criticism. Currently, the construction of the 1st destroyer is worth about 3.1 billion U.S. dollars. To this add the estimated worth four billion to be spent on the operation. As for the development costs of the project, then, according to various estimates, they are approximately equal to the total price of construction of all 3 ships. Overall, the creation, construction and operation of each of the destroyer will be spent over 10 billion U.S. Even by the standards is not such a small sum. Naturally, a number of senior officials were outraged by such wasteful economy «Zamvoltov.» Because of dissatisfaction with Congress and other organizations, also because of constantly increasing estimates early in the development project planned number of ships is constantly decreasing. Pentagon initially wanted to build 32 new destroyers. But over time, the plan was cut in half, later more than doubled, and eventually braked only 3 ships. Reducing plan, in turn, is not allowed to preserve the magnitude of the series. In general, the new ship, regardless of its merits, before launching was so expensive that were unhappy with everything from military to financiers.

Prospects project Zumwalt destroyers

Already at this point clear that the upcoming series ships reduction project Zumwalt will not follow — will be built and three point. Yes, and plans to increase the read is not necessary. All often, commenting on this programmki, South American bureaucrats associate it with the F-35 fighter. Emphasis in all this is done on the financial side of things: the same plane is not yet ready to the adoption, but has already set a record for the cost of works. Naturally, as a result, and the F-35, and Zumwalt destroyer can become really advanced military technology, and even change the way the military around the world relating to the form of warships or aircraft. But all this will give a very high price. Today, no one in the Pentagon and in the highest circles of the U.S. government does not fluctuate that is built only three «Zamvolta.» Yet, according to the views of the military and the creators of the project, construction and operation of new destroyers will give a lot of positive results. First, they point out a number of new technologies that have been applied in all parts of the project: from the body to the arms and system management. In the future, suitably modified electronic systems like installed on Zumwalt, will be put on existing ships in the process of planned upgrades and repairs. Accordingly, their ability to grow.

Yes, and this argument has its own criticism. Opponents’ Zamvoltov «entirely fair notice that for study of modern architecture electronic» stuffing «of the ship there was no need at all to design and build housing with the highest degree of novelty. Fully one could try to enter the latest electronics in an old body. For example, such modernization could rotate with the destroyers Arleigh Burke. They are modern ships, moreover, these destroyers will serve another 50 years, no less. It turns out that in the pursuit of innovation in the Pentagon got a very awkward financial position. Yet, three pledged «Zamvolta» will be built and taken into the U.S. Navy. One can only speculate about their future combat work. Well, on the equipment too is debatable. At the very beginning of the project the South American military promised to show the world first military rail gun mounted specifically Zumwalt. Only Adopting a gun that did not take place before 2020. A head destroyer DDG-1000 Zumwalt be included in the fleet already in 2014. What specific gun systems will be on the new destroyer — is not yet clear, although there is evidence of mounting 155-mm guns AGS. Clear just what a lot of new thoughts, technologies and systems niskolechko not facilitate the work of staff responsible for their service. Most likely, the first years of life the new ships will be far from ordinary. Worth waiting for long running tests all new heavy debugging and testing their systems work together. Until then, the main destroyers of the U.S. Navy will be old, but brought to the brain, «Arleigh Burke.»

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