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X-Men are registered at special services

February 21, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has announced the convening of the Congress of X-men. Since then, we try to discover them, regularly telling the newspaper of the future delegates. A few days ago I received a telephone call.

— We know hundreds of very powerful psychics — they are all under our control — said the man, who identified himself as Nikolai Ivanovich. — But to you by Congress, these people will not come, because it is very busy. Gather only charlatans yes "young."

— Well, we'll see — I said. She offered to meet for a more detailed discussion.

…Late at night in a small cafe near the Lubyanka I waited two men in civilian clothes. One introduced by Alexander, an FSB officer, with responsibility for the energoinformatiki. All three o'clock the conversation he had just heard, and when cued, then asked the recorder off. The second — the same Nikolai Ivanovich — was less secretive personality.


Nikolai Orlov. '52. He lives in Krasnoyarsk. He graduated from the two academies — Krasnoyarsk Medical and Military Medicine. Candidate of Medical Sciences. He defended his thesis on "The use of psycho-energetic techniques to enhance the combat readiness of personnel." He worked in the KGB. Developed methods for psychic "for assistance and a maximum concentration of personnel to perform combat missions and destroy the enemy." He was chief of the Scientific and Practical Center for Trans-Baikal energoinformatike first, and then the Siberian military districts. Now the chairman of the expert committee of the International Academy of Informatization.

Energy Information blow to the liver

— Nikolai Ivanovich, and where is your army based clairvoyants and healers?

— I inspects the 52 region. Each center parapsychology, which employs three to ten psychics. Centre address is not publicized.

— It turns out that under your care employs about 500 Wang and Messing? What all this strong interest of military and intelligence services to the people, who are called charlatans?

— A powerful psychic, and such trust is, has tremendous power. Once met a man remembers his image, and then builds psychoenergetic program. Assume for cirrhosis. Pathology is developing very quickly — the doctors are powerless. Man dies. A sick body is able to recover only those who had sent "evil eye". By the way, destroy ten times better than cure. Therefore, the work of psychics must be tightly controlled. I have just returned from Kirov. There found two women who are taking orders for the removal of people with psycho-energetic techniques. In Omsk — another crime: an 8-fold increase in the number of crimes related to the zombie. The man opens the door to the bell, the visitor sees and suddenly did not realizing, runs to the savings bank, withdraws money from the book, makes the most valuable of the house and gives the stranger. And then can not even describe the appearance of the offender. And such cases — hundreds of them. So we want to pass a law through the State Duma on information security. With it, we'll finally be able to deal with black magicians.

They die young

— What exactly does your "experienced" SWAT team?

— Under the leadership of General Lev Rokhlin, we conducted mass experiments in his division. (In summer 1998, the general was shot dead at his dacha, and in autumn 2000, his widow Tamara Rokhlin was sentenced to eight years in prison on charges of murder. — Ed.) By the way, the wife of General had consulted me at the research center.

— What experiments did you spend in the division Rokhlina?

— One company trained psycho-energetic practices to increase physical stamina, and the other was the control group. First "planted" on a vegetarian diet, forced to recite prayers and taught to focus on the "third eye" in eastern techniques. In the company of an experienced compared to conventional fighters better run, shoot and target areas.

No one knows how to attract the black magicians to justice.

— You are helping their wards?

— First, we protect them from themselves. As the only ones who can not control their energy during the sessions, die quickly. We support them with the help of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Secondly, there are cases of shooting clairvoyants who use criminal organizations. We know that all the major Russian groups have in his "state of" psychic. We try to bring them out of the "roofs". And third, are now preparing a "separation of scanning", which will work only clairvoyants.

— But the bandits use psychics?

— For example, banks are robbed with them — clairvoyant gives information on what day and time you can do it.

— That have recently been large-scale theft?

— That's classified.

How to check the gift?

— How do you determine where the real talent, and where a charlatan?

— There are dozens of types of diagnostics at the cellular, radioisotope, biological and other levels. They develop not only in the closed military laboratories. There is a "civilian base" in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk.

— And how many "proven" really had the gift?

— Of the practitioners — no more than three percent. The others — charlatans. Their "business" is very profitable.

— And what a unique person with an interest in the FSB? — I turned to the silent Alexander.

— We want to learn how to communicate with them: if wrong with these people to make contact, they will hide their gift. And we need their skills.

— At our congress (in the summer "KP" is going to bring to Moscow people-seers. — Ed.) Arrive?

— It is interesting to look at fresh "material."


Recently, the CIA has acknowledged that spent $ 20 million on the development of methods of "psychic spying". But it will not split and how useful they are in operational activities. In this case, the scouts have never claimed they did not find evidence of the reality of these phenomena — telepathy, clairvoyance, and other impacts of Energy. It is possible that they really exist.

Svetlana COUSIN April 2, 2004

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