Published material about the hidden gallakticheskoy programmke USSR

Published secret documents about the Soviet space program

Historians were published documents concerning Russian gallakticheskoy applets. On the basis of declassified documents at the time of creation of the first ultra-long Russian missile designers used the technology of the USSR Nazi Germany. In addition, the 10's captured German engineers worked together with Russian spices.

So, it is not so long ago was declassified in document which was in a special folder of the Politburo of the USSR. This report, which has been prepared specially for Stalin, on the latest developments in Germany in the field of missile technology. Document dates back to the fall of the 44th year. According to the views of historians, this particular report has opened the newest era in the history of rocketry and gallakticheskoy program there.

The paper reported that Russian troops near the town of Debica was not completely captured by ordinary military training ground. During the inspection it found a new, top-secret German weapon — rocket projectile high power.

Published secret documents about the Soviet space program

The report stated that when firing at a distance of 250 km of this missile can reach speeds of up to 1.4 km per second and climb to an altitude of 90,000 meters. The title of this miracle weapon "V-2". Commission of the People's Commissariat of Defense made a disappointing conclusion that ordinary air defenses struggle with the latest German rocket is virtually impossible.

From the words of Andrei Sorokin, director of the State Archives of Social and Political History, the information produced by the shocking memory of Joseph Stalin. By striking coincidence, just one month before the seizure of parts of the "V-2" Komarov, president of Russian Academy of Management of the USSR sent a secret note.

Published secret documents about the Soviet space program

In this note, Komarov immediately asked to allocate funds for the Institute of jet aircraft named Fedorov. Funds are needed for the start of the creation of ultra-long rocket, for a similar project has already been launched in the UK.

After reading all these documents, Stalin gave the order for the development of a special commission that would mastered German jet technology and joined the Russian ideas and developments with existing German technology.

Andrey Sorokin says that after the war, the Soviet Union takes control solution as clean up the area liberated Germany in search of professionals, specific developments, technologies to study the experience, which was considered advanced at the time.

The Commission has prepared the results of the report, which stated that the territories of Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Russian scientists and spies found 41 Powder rocket and 8 of the liquid propellant. In addition, it was found 32 kinds of engines with different fuel standards. Arrested and brought to the work of 40 German engineers who worked on the launch of "V-1, 2."

One, perhaps the most fascinating document that period — a member of the above-mentioned letter to the commission of Major-General Marshal Nosovsky Malenkov. In general it reports that specialists from the Soviet Union come to Germany in a very bad and shabby clothes. In this regard, he shamefully keep Russian people in one job with the Germans. On this basis, Nosovskiy had requested 500 thousand stamps to purchase normal odezhku 1000 our engineers. The request was made general. Our missilemen of the things that were seized in Germany, allocated more than 500 pairs of shoes, about 250 coats and suits and above thousands of pairs of knitted underwear.

According to Sorokin, those spices that were sent to Germany — the ones that were previously in the main, were in the camps. Specifically, it is possible to explain that horrific nature of their prose criterion in which they found themselves in Germany.

Not so long ago, was declassified since the 1st letter of 1945. In this letter, the designer V.Glushko on the engines of which still fly about 99% of our missiles has requested the management of the country to throw in his CB 25 leading professionals that the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs is planning to transfer to other work as ordinary prisoners. With such requests to the top of the country and the designer S.Korolev, which well before the start of work on the topic of missile itself was serving the sentence.

Published secret documents about the Soviet space program

61 In the spring of the year is South American and German spices were absolutely shocked by the triumph of our missile when the 1st person which stepped into space, in Russian said to the world his famous "Let's go!"

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