"UFO", 15.03.2004, St. Petersburg, n12 (330), p.8-9.

Author: Valentin psalomshchikov

In the early 90s I had occasion to be in the Parapsychology Laboratory of the Polytechnic Institute, led by PhD Vadim B. Polyakov. One evening, while I lingered in the laboratory, there Polyakov, accompanied by two men. When he saw me, he was delighted and immediately presented as an expert on anomalous phenomena.

It turned out that these men — employees of a private firm, with offices located on the second floor of the corridor type in the city center. The story that we were told one of the guests in the full sense of the word abnormally quite old enough for the series of "The X-Files." The other day at the office in which these people worked hard, was made a daring raid. Odnako for a number of reasons to law enforcement officers did not contact the company, explaining that they had been kidnapped by a bank of data from the computer. In this case they wanted to understand without help, as an accomplice of the robbers was one of their own. They, of course, understood that appealed not a detective agency, but …
When the alarm went off, the staff of the security department of the company were located temporarily in another building nearby, arrived at the scene, according to them, in four minutes. But while the raiders, entering the cabinet chief (that's when the second load circuit systems), dismantled the computer, take out the hard drive and quietly left the building.
Because was not there screws that it was clear that they were turned inside out before someone their own. But the most puzzling was different: on the floor in a "waiting room" slept soundly guard, and in a solid wooden exterior door locks, interior was neatly sawn electric saw (ie the robbers know where it is located). Not very politely got up guard could not really explain anything, but argued that for several hours as did not drink anything and did not eat, so that the version with sleeping pills, pour into the food, immediately disappeared. The only thing he was concerned it off after midnight video surveillance. But because such failure occurred quite often, it does not take any action, but the incident recorded in the log duty.
It turned out that unknown attackers somehow inexplicably put down a security guard through the closed door, then quietly opened it from the outside, and then the outside also closed the strong magnet reed switch alarm (again, my — you ought to know where it is located), and just a couple of minutes it took they required.
Since the early 90s the whole country has gone mad on extrasensory perception, one of the employees suggested that guard the door lulled some strong psychic. Well, as in the present very few psychics, Robbed firm "run over" by Polyakov, suggesting that it may have some information, or, more simply, to bring perpetrators of this action. In any case, I explained to the victims that this is not necessary psychic enough good hypnotist who can pull their prey in trifling conversation, and then give the appropriate command. At the same time remember the case described in the media as a guard of one company tried using hypnosis "coded" for alcoholism. Its coded in such a way that when near him uttered a phrase, he fell asleep.
Who had been silent up to this second visitor was so unfortunate guard. He categorically rejected such a suggestion — although the camera did not work, the sound was recorded, but no conversations were recorded. But the guard said, and extremely interesting detail: when inspecting the exposed door and close discovered two strange object — a box with batteries and children's aluminum sled-ledyanki! With battery was more or less clear: the outlets in the hallway and there was of it, most likely fueled the saw motor. And the presence of sleds spawned a stupid idea that they are battery and taken.
I'm almost everything became clear. But before making final conclusions, it was necessary to explore the sled. Visitors were surprised that my request, but after a call to the office both subjects in ten minutes was taken to the laboratory Polyakov. Frankly, I expected to see a drilled hole in the center of sleds, but it was not. However, upon further inspection I noticed that the other-koe: skirting sleds in one place was bent, and there was a dent there from clamps. When I told the guests that one of them was put down with the help of the sled, the response was appropriate. I had to dedicate them to the scientific and technical details.


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