Rains caused flooding in northern Thailand



BANGKOK, Aug. 1 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. Heavy rains last Sunday in the north and north-east of Thailand, caused flooding in several provinces of the country and interrupted rail service, the water level in the flooded areas have reached one meter, according to Thai media on Monday.

In the province of Nong Khai on the border with Laos in some areas the water level on Monday, flooding fields and city streets, up to 80 centimeters. On Sunday evening, railway north-eastern provinces to Bangkok was temporarily halted and resumed early Monday morning, as the railway embankment and rails were under 15 cm of water, according to the third national television in Thailand.

According to the newspaper Bangkok Post, the water level in the Mekong River, a natural border between Thailand and Laos reached 11 meters, which is only one meter below the critical level of 12 meters for the lower Thai river. Forecasters believe that if they continue on Monday, showers, water from the Mekong can pour into the territory of the coastal areas of Thailand.

Reached up to half the water level in the province of Lampang in the north. In other northern provinces, such as Nan and Phre, flooded entire agricultural areas.

The rains were the result of tropical storm Nock-ten, which last week hit northern Vietnam and came to Thailand through Laos considerably weakened. However, in most of the northern Thai weather forecasters predict continued rain on Monday and Tuesday. Debris flow warning declared in the provinces of North and Central Thailand: Mehongson, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phayao, Nan, Phre, Lamphun, Lampang, Sukhothai, Uttharadit, Khampheng Phet so.

August in Thailand — beginning of the period of the most intense seasonal rainfall, the peak of the rainy season. Seasonal rains in this part of South-East Asia since the end of May to the beginning of November, and in August — October, had the largest amount of rainfall.

Every year in September there is a threat of flooding parts of the Thai capital, Bangkok. Some areas of the city built below sea level. Usually by September urban drainage system, which by this time with rain water gets a significant amount of debris, can not cope with heavy flow of water. If rains overwhelmed with mountain reservoir located at a distance of 100-150 km from the capital, the water of which greatly increases the level of the river Chao Phraya, the river overflows its banks. Last year, the city's drainage system barely cope with the influx, and part of the coastal area in the neighboring province of Bangkok and Nonthaburi, which for a long time, "rooted" the largest city of Thailand, in August were at half-meter layer of water. This year, the dam on the reservoir while successfully holding back the water.

Source: RIA Novosti

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