Rampant floods in the Lipetsk region. Video



19.06.12.Razgul element lasted for two days — Friday and Saturday — and affected almost all areas. Most affected by the disaster and Dolgorukov Terbunsky areas.
As reported to us leaders in these areas, there is hail and rain caused serious damage to agricultural land: corn, sunflower, corn, beets — from planting almost nothing left. In Dolgorukovskoj area destroyed 7500 hectares of crops in Terbunsky — about 5 thousand.

It was not just agricultural land — damaged crops in all gardens of the villagers. Hail to the size of a quail's egg broke poultry, broken trees, houses damaged windows and roofs.

Now in all the affected villages are eliminating the consequences of the disaster. Authorities to help people do their best. The expense of the regions and areas covered roofs new slate. Working maintenance crews and lifeguards. Their work is coordinated by the regional committee for emergencies. Power supply villages today fully restored.

Yury Bojko, first deputy head of the administration of the Lipetsk region, "Of course, in the first place to provide support for the roof of houses, because at Terbunsky area remained almost 172 homes without roofs. This is basically a slate roof. And 102 houses on Dolgorukovskoj area. Here too taken. It also aims roofing, slate. This is our emergency reserves. It covers 50-70% of the needs. Glazing plus we serve, here are sending stuff in the village. District authorities are working, who themselves can not — we are supporting. The scope of work is very high. "

Source: STRC "Lipetsk"

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