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1.09.11.Lesnye fires raging in the southern United States. This year, the fire covered a huge area. Burning for nearly two thousand acres of forest.

The reason was the unprecedented prolonged heat. The air temperature in the summer months, rarely drop below 40 degrees. Because of the strong wind the flame spreads rapidly. Several firefighters were injured. Hundreds of residents fled their homes.

Camaya difficult situation in Texas. In this state almost every day there are new temperature records. All of its territory declared a disaster area. There is such a drought that religious zealots talking about the imminent end of the world. In Texas parks have turned into desert, visited our own correspondent in the U.S. Dmitry Anopchenko.

Scorched earth, vast prairies, where now only grow cactuses … and unbearable heat. Drought covers two-thirds of Texas. For six months, there were no showers. Here is the famous coast of Colorado river, one of the largest rivers in the state. She is now completely dry. Environmentalists say all hoping that the weather mercy. But this summer passed the critical threshold, after which the restoration of nature is impossible.

Brent Leyzher, director of the state parks of Texas:

— How many of the United States of such a catastrophe there was not. Thousands of hectares of forests are not saved, the yellowing trees — just dry stems. New greenery on them will never appear.

The drought has destroyed the field and can leave the country without a crop. Local cowboys are now out of work, to feed the cattle in this heat is not possible. Thousands of farmers on the brink of ruin. Pride of Texas, it reserves where tourists come from all over America, for several months in ruins.

This area is of particular attention. A huge lake, where people from the time the Indians sought protection from the heat, dry. The water at the bottom in one day was red as blood. These photos are from Texas released the world's leading newspapers. Scientists are interested in what is happening. A religious people talking about the imminent end of the world. His sermons, scared to death of parishioners, local priests announce now not in the church, and spread on the Internet.

Paul Bigley, the preacher:

— The water was red as blood! It's happening right now! What else do you need? What is the evidence? The end of the world is near!

Experts are looking for a scientific explanation. Say, the cause could be a bacteria or fish kills. Many versions. But it is now clear, in Texas there are processes that science has not yet encountered. So, until you can prevent.

Cindy Loeffler, environmental experts:

— We are trying to predict: how much longer will the heat. But the data is not encouraging. And this fall, and next spring climate will only change for the worse. It is bitter to say, but today's temperature records will soon be beaten.

Local residents do not believe the biblical prophecies. But still set free huge Texas buffalo, a symbol of staff and his former power. After all, the last reserves of feed have been completed.

Dmitry Anopchenko Yuri Romaniuk, Details, TV channel "Inter".

Source: Detail-TV

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