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Production areas of rare earth metals in China are heavily polluted. Photo: Getty Images

4.01.11.Gorod Baotou is a Chinese "capital of rare earth minerals", there is 80% of the world's rare earth metals. However, the price of this, as the rest of the production in China — a strong pollution. Areas around the development are no longer suitable for human life.


Village near the city of Baotou surrounded by a dense ring of plants. In addition to tailings deposits, the area is also suffering from a large steel waste corporation.

As the local people, many villages have increased considerably cancer reduced crop yields from year to year, the water is very dirty and not fit for drinking.

"The fields are almost nothing grows, dust flying in the air, well water is very dirty, after boiling formed a thick layer of scum. There simply are no conditions for life "- says a resident of the city of Baotou Kunchu named Han.

Among the rare earth metals and is radioactive, the radiation of which cause cancer.

8 years ago the local environmental protection department, after study, it is concluded that the villages in the regions of development resources, are "highly contaminated" and "unfit for human life."

The most heavily contaminated five villages, including Shijie, Suntszyahao, Dalahay and others.

Many residents of the area Kunchu asthma and other lung diseases. A strong soil contamination in the area know all around, so there grown fruits and vegetables can be sold only at very low prices. If watered crops with water from surface water, they die quickly.

Local authorities have decided to move about five thousand farmers from five villages in the new settlement at a distance of 10 kilometers from their former residence. But the peasants did not agree to it, they say that the proposed amount of compensation for their estate is too low, they simply will not be able to find a new place.

Authorities also have not paid the promised compensation to local residents for living in highly contaminated areas in 2009.

But officials insist on relocation, saying that in place of the villages they are going to build a new industrial zone.

According to Chinese authorities, the reserves of rare earth elements in China declined in the period from 1996 to 2009 by 37%.

Rare earth elements are used in instrumentation, electronics, chemical and other industries.


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