Reindeer population in Canada decreased by 40%


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MOSCOW, Dec. 20 — RIA Novosti. The number of reindeer in the populations of ungulates in Canada decreased by at least 40%, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) is listed as rare and endangered species — Red List, drawn up under the auspices of IUSN. Experts estimate as "of concern" status only species of deer, which are decorated with horns and the males and females. Some populations because of its small size and fragmentation are endangered.

"In Canada, wild reindeer are no longer found in the coastal provinces. A 50% reduction in the number of deer in Ontario (central Canada — Ed.) And to the west of the country, in British Columbia, the deer has decreased by 40%, in the province of Alberta — 60%, "- said in a statement.

The main reason for the decline of populations scientists call commercial forestry development and the growth of settlements. Environmentalists also believe that the danger of destruction threatens deer are living in Finland, Norway and the European part of Russia.

"Hunting deer is strictly controlled in eastern Russia and in Norway, but poaching takes place in most of the Russian Federation. In addition, the development of human habitat of deer, for example, in Finland and Norway (the latter damage is to seal the ski slopes), may lead to the extinction of deer in these regions, "- said in a statement.

However, as explained by the RIA Novosti coordinator of WWF Russia on Arctic biodiversity Michael Stishov, the situation of the population of wild reindeer in Russia can not be called critical.

According to him, the number of reindeer in the Russian Arctic is about 500 thousand individuals, not counting the animals that live in the taiga regions.

"There are a few small populations in the European part of the country that can actually disappear. For example, on the Kola Peninsula, in Lapland, there are about 500 species in the Northern Urals, near the Pike River, less than 100 individuals. Had a population of six deer on the range Plesetsk "- added Stishov.

In those regions of Russia where deer really are threatened with extinction, this species is listed in the regional Red Data Book and is protected.

According to experts, the reindeer are the most vulnerable to the breeding sites and favorite places river crossings during the migration.

"We made a map of critical areas for deer, basically, it calving. Also determined their migration routes. The following year, WWF Russia will work to create a network of protected natural areas of varying degrees of protection, which will be linked so-called ecological corridors. Along these corridors species such as caribou, can safely migrate "- added Stishov.

Source: RIA Novosti

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