Residents Angara observed meteorite fall?


2.03.11V Osa district of Irkutsk region, presumably a meteorite fell. It happened at about 18:00 on March 1. Residents of nearby villages — Barahal, Obusha, a village in North saw in the sky over the taiga flash, then a loud clap.

— I already talked to the witness, a resident of Obusha, he argued, clearly saw a flash over the taiga, a very bright, like a super-power flash from the camera, — the director of the Astronomical Observatory of ISU Sergei Yazev. — Now, I can only express assumption, because the data and the descriptions are very few.

Rather, in the area large meteorite fell. That's when they fall to the ground one can observe a strong glow.

— At present, our specialists work place, flew by helicopter task force — have confirmed us in the press service of the EMERCOM in the Irkutsk region. — While no official comment can not give.

According to Sergei Yazev, the last time a large meteorite in the region fell in 2002, flying over the Mama-Chunsky area and then over Bodaibo. This Vitim bolide, which then entered the top ten largest. Its diameter was about 3 meters.


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