Residents Asbestos suffocate because of burning peat. Video


13.12.12.O breath of fresh air Ganetdin Yumangulov now only dream of. For his window for the second month the smoke is let loose. Just a few meters from the house of a pensioner burning peat. In the whole area of the smoke screen of asbestos.

Its inhabitants now the doctors do not get out. Especially difficult asthma, but even those who have not suffered respiratory problems, started having health problems. Asbestos in the middle of winter declared fire hazard. It would seem, for forest fires are not in season. But only Asbestovsky firefighters surprised: they have the second year in a row in December, comes a hot time. Firefighters say that the turf on the outskirts of the city smoldering blame themselves residents of the private sector, which burn garbage in the woods. As a result, live like on a powder keg. The fire did not spread to the peat bogs in the house, dug a trench along the edge of the depth of two meters. Now firefighters are trying to cope with the heat source. True, the turf at all uneasy. Only have time to put out in one place, the smoke was already rising in the other. While struggling with the MOE acrid smoke, people try not to go out of the house. Especially since most of them are now on sick leave. Doctors prescribed to drink more water and breathe only through a wet handkerchief.


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