Residents complain of explosions Kingisepp


02.10.12.Kingisepptsy complain of vibration due to the destruction of ammunition in a nearby landfill. However, the military claim that their calculations do not require seismic events.

Reader "Lenoblinform" Vic asked the question in the blog today Geshele Victor, head of administration Kingisepp district, "Viktor Evaldovich, may I ask that we blow up? What the explosions? We live on the 6th floor — everything is shaking. "

How to tell "Lenoblinform" head of administration of the urban settlement Kingisepp Elena Antonova, Defense is engaged at the site Tuga — near Kingisepp destruction of old ammunition. According to Antonov, from these works "bobbed and administration building."

"The whole live on the second floor, above — seven more. All sorts of thoughts come to mind, "- said the head of the administration. According to her, the Ministry of Defence, with whom on the explosions at the site for a long time is Tuga correspondence, promises to reduce power pledged charges. Now we are talking about what is, for example, large aircraft or submarine bombs that are "not cut it."

Head of the press service of the Strategic Command, the Western Military District Colonel Andrei Bobrun told "Lenoblinform" that being planned work on disposal of ammunition, a workplan for 2012. For information on when these works are over, Andrei Bobrun not reported.

"No seismic events can not be", — he said. According to Andrei Bobrun, all sites are safe, which is confirmed by the calculations of the professors' VOENMECH. "

Sergey Kryukov, "Lenoblinform"

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