Residents of the village of Adygea a week without drinking water


11.01.12.Zhiteli Kamennomostsky village in the mountainous part of Adygea week already are without drinking water. Of taps homes Social town — it is the largest district of the village, flowing dark liquid is not suitable for drinking.

In the neighborhood are 54 multi-storey buildings, 600 private houses, hostel and most of the social sites. In total, no drinking water left over 1500 people …

In the village has twice visited Rospotrebnadzor specialists to take water samples. Visual inspection and laboratory tests confirmed contamination. Drinking water is not met the health standards in all respects. Rospotrebnadzor decree in the district hospital canceled elective surgery and in the kindergarten classes. Lessons in schools is not affected, until January 16, children holidays.

Drinking water twice a day for people to deliver special machines. The appearance of cars on the street waiting with buckets, bottles, jars and basins. And though the restrictions of drinking water for residents of one does not, for a full life in the village Kamennomostsky miss her.

Say exactly when their homes will be water that meets all health standards difficult. The causes of the accident and place of possible landslides in the mountains set the experts.

Source: STRC "Adygea"

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