Riots occurred in a town in North Korea


24.02.11.Sotni people were involved in the riots in the city of Sinuiju / North Korea / on the border with China, the suppression of which were thrown into the army. The unrest that broke out last Friday, were provoked police raids on the local market, announced today a leading Seoul newspaper "Chosun Ilbo".

During this operation, one of the traders had been severely beaten. His family began to protest, and for the performance quickly joined by other people. When the riots began to assume a mass character, the authorities were forced to help the police to send military units. By some estimates, killed 4-5 people, the newspaper.

As reported its sources, the population of Sinuiju outraged by the fact that the government did not fulfill its promise to give people increased food rations birthday Kim Jong Il, which was celebrated on February 16. Sinuiju is known for its close ties with neighboring China. The market of this city — one of the busiest in North Korea, many of the traders were allegedly involved in the smuggling and illegal currency transactions, according to ITAR-TASS.

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