River of death


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9.11.11.Proryv process water from septic tanks with cyanide gold mining company, located on the outskirts of the village Sekisovka, led to the death of fish in the pond is not just a local businessman, but also in the river Maloubinke.
Residents say that the fish died after the inflow of blue-green color. It is unknown what will happen to people because of centralized water supply, for example, in the village Maloubinke not, and wells and boreholes are located near the river. What to drink than water itself and cattle?

According to "Turan" the press service of akim of North Kazakhstan region, in the mines, "Sekisovskoe" during the test cleaning section number 3, there was a gap of impervious screen, and then began the process water drainage.

As the head upravelniya mobilization training and Civil Defense Alexander Kashirin contaminated water got into the river Volchevku out of it — in the river Sekisovka, and more — in a pond farm "Aquarius."

Now water well urgently blocked, organized supply of drinking water. Mining company managed to reduce runoff tripled contaminated water.

Nina Andreeva
East Kazakhstan region

Source: Turan

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