RUSSIA experienced strategic missiles «VANGUARD»

Experts argue if you need a brand new country rocket breakthrough or rather tested «Topol»

Command of the Strategic Missile Forces mission (RVSN) Russia plans to produce pilot until March launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) «Vanguard». A senior source in the command told «Izvestia» that will shoot from Kapustin Yar in Astrakhan targets on Kamchatka Kura test.
— This is the fourth since 2011 launch. Three ran past the whole successful, recognized as one of the complex. However, in this time the rocket will fly with the layout of the authorized combat and not with ballast, as before, — explained in the Strategic Missile Forces spokesman.
Efficiency provides a shared newest rocket warhead. With its layout and fly rocket tests in March. Currently in Russia there ICBM «Topol» and «Topol-M» with the monobloc and their upcoming modification «Topol-MR» (better known as «yars») with separable warheads. But in «Yarse» section warheads continue their flight on inertia and ballistic motion lines and maneuvers produce only vertically and horizontally. Additional acceleration and course direction warheads assigns breeding stage combat units — small but massive momentum.
Another thing «Vanguard». Warhead section have their own engines and rocket guidance systems and can maneuver in all directions, like real rockets. Interlocutor «Izvestia» stressed that «Vanguard» — fundamentally newcomer rocket and not a continuation of the family «Topol».
Warheads are very difficult to intercept, because all the missiles and promising because of the speed of convergence have very limited time to maneuver, often shred seconds. According to calculations of the Strategic Missile Forces Command, «Topol-M» may be amazed 1-2 antimissiles type promising American SM-3, but for every «Vanguard» requires more than fifty missiles. Means efficiency breakthrough enemy missile grows on order.
— In the «Topol» impossible to put the latest warhead with independent heads because warhead goes very big — says the officer.
For the required three-fourfold growth head of the rocket designers MITA lengthened body, changed its configuration, assembly, propulsion motor and thruster planes. At what fuel engines work — watery or hard — is not disclosed yet. Secret also what design office and factory — manufacturer of engines involved in the project.
Yet clear if successful end of the test series «Vanguard» will release his Votkinsk plant in Udmurtia, where do «Poplars» and medium-range missiles «Iskander». Under the «Vanguard» by 2014 Votkinsk hundred percent rebuilt missile creation.
Interlocutor «Izvestia» in the military-industrial complex expressed concern that because of the conversion of the Votkinsk plant under threat of failure would be the creation of «Topol».
— Votkinsk plant completely imprisoned under the «Poplars.» Since the «Vanguard» completely new product, you need to change one hundred percent whole technological cycle. If separating warhead will not bring to mind at the time, and such dangers certainly must be laid, that, in fact, get the rocket as «Topol-M» and worse «Yarsa», — he said.
Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Sivkov Constantine believes that «Poplars» is not comparable to the «vanguard» and re-plant Votkinsky justified.
— «Topol» — it’s an easy class intercontinental rocket, its capacity is insufficient for strategic deterrence. Consider that of the Strategic Missile Forces uniformly displayed grave complex «Governor» («Satan»), and something you need to change it. So let Votkinsk produces powerful «Vanguard» and not weak «Topol» — allocated Sivkov.
With it argues independent military expert, editor of the website MilitaryRussia Dmitry roots.
— It is not so long ago «yars» was considered trendy miracle weapon, and suddenly the replacement is more modern «Vanguard». And what will happen in 2-3 years after the deployment of «Vanguard», another super project? We should not forget that South American missile defense threatens us only on paper — he said «Izvestia».
«Vanguard» is created at the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology (MIT) is specifically for a breakthrough of modern ballistic missile defense (BMD) of any complexity. Please have in mind South American third missile defense site in Europe and fourth in the Hawaiian Islands.

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