Russian authorities promise for the military housing is made

Naikrupneyshie of Moscow and the Moscow Region office system in the last several years building home for Russian troops in the capital and the Moscow region.

The promise of the Russian authorities for the military housing is executed

Everyone remembers how Prime Minister Putin was asked awkward question while it is a "hot line" with the people. Then Vladimir Putin, one of the speakers even forced to apologize to members of the Armed Forces for the fact that up to this time, the issues with the provision of housing to be resolved. Indeed, in 2008-2009, said that by the year 2011 all questions on housing for the Russian military will be solved. But later it turned out that the Ministry of Defence has provided incorrect information about the soldiers standing in the queue. This, according to Putin, and caused the most severe difficulties with the implementation of the project to ensure that every Russian officer, high-quality housing. The Prime Minister promised that within year housing question will be solved at all, why would a couple of times gave orders defense department of. After a series of consultations with the use of very rigid terminology, have become incarnate new housing projects for the Russian military.

Now we can note a rather highest rates of housing construction in the Moscow region, Tatarstan, Novosibirsk Region and other regions of Russia. According to the product of not so long ago to the Deputy Chief of Moscow State University of Architecture sovereign Zubakhin, recently in the Metropolitan area will be built over 1.5 million square meters. meters of high-quality housing for military personnel. Bureaucrat announced that the houses will be built in the Dmitrov district, Balashikha, Podolsk and other communities of the Federation Fri. With all of this, coupled with the housing will be built and numerous infrastructural facilities, namely, educational and medical facilities, sports complexes, playgrounds, car parks, a supply of communications.

The program to provide high-quality housing Russian military personnel are now in action. Apartments in Dmitrov received hundreds of military families in the last 2-3 years. It is planned to continue housing in the metropolitan area in order to the year 2013 is one hundred percent correct queue home in the middle of the armed forces.

Now the construction business in Moscow is experiencing a severe rise after years of crisis, because there is hope that the government finally fulfill all obligations to provide housing for members of the Army of the Russian Federation.

But many of those who have already managed to get a long-awaited apartment, voiced complaints about the quality of the home. In almost all the apartments there are hastily bandaged joints, which "were bare" after the severe frosts of winter 2011-2012. It remains to assign the new home will be built on a qualitatively different level, because the rush, as we know, can cause unnecessary consequences.

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