Russian military will change on «Tigers»

Russian military will change on  

MoD refuse to buy Italian armored vehicles, opting for Russian development
The Russian Defense Ministry refused to continue purchasing Italian armored car brand Iveco. The Defense Ministry decided that Russian armored «Tiger» is superior to foreign car on its characteristics.

«The contract for the subsequent purchase of these machines with Italy suspended. What already proplacheno, we have almost all taken away, collect will use to buy more, we will not «- said Chief of Land Forces of the Armed Forces Vladimir Chirkin.

Commander also said that the Italian armored cars «generally good», but, in his opinion, the Russian aircraft in its class — better. Specifically, for this reason, said Chirkin, the Russian army will be «guided by the Russian manufacturer.» Namely, it is planned to purchase armored family «Bear», also «Tiger» and «The Wolf».

It is already clear that the Defense Ministry has sent a request to the government to which requests to increment the volume of purchases of armored combat vehicles «Lynx». Namely, it is planned to increment the volume of purchases for 2013-2015 to 3,000 units. Previously planned to buy just 727 cars. «Lynx» is a joint Russian-Italian company in Voronezh and is licensed variation of Italian Iveco LMV M65.

In addition, the Russian army can use to renounce Italian wheeled tanks «Centaur».

«All this has been started under the previous manual Defense Ministry. And we realize ourselves to keep a decent brand customer, at the moment, in fact the case, fulfill the conditions of the contract. We put this technique, and are experienced at Kubinka test «, — explained to Vladimir Chirkin. At the same time, he acknowledged that «there is a definite advantage in fighting these machines, but there are a huge number of shortcomings.» «The fact that they are highly advertised, not everything fits. I think, too, we must abandon the cultural will «, — stated commander.

As Chief of Land Forces, Colonel-General on his visit Chirkin Ulyanovsk car factory instructed to prepare terms of reference for the establishment of promising models of cars combined arms mission. On January 24 said the assistant commander of the Central Military Area (CVO) Colonel Jaroslav Roschupkin. «Following the visit of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant Chirkin shared concern the lack of enterprise management order from the Ministry of Defence and gave instructions spetsam Glavkomat Land Forces to prepare terms of reference for the establishment of promising samples combined arms purpose vehicles», said Roschupkin.

GAZ-2330 «Tiger» — Russian multipurpose vehicle over-terrain, armored, army vehicle SUV. Specific customer multi-ton company acted Bin Jabr Group Ltd (BJG) of the UAE, highlighting the development and prototypes: preparation of 60 million U.S. dollars. The end customer is the company King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) Jordanian King Abdullah II. Main executor and coordinator of the project became a subsidiary of the Gorky Automobile Plant (JSC «GAZ») JSC «Industrial Computer Technology» (FCT). First Tiger HMTV standards were presented in Abu Dhabi at the International Defence Exhibition IDEX-2001. Auto customer liked, but in the end the contract for the supply of «Tiger» and was not signed, but in Jordan Al Dulayle joint Arab-Jordanian company Advanced Industries of Arabia began with the June 2005 creation of similar armored Nimr in different versions. As a result, Gaza is still hurt — designed and ready for mass production car. Gas were collected several cars second series — the other exterior and interior.

After two experienced car came standard in metropolitan SWAT into trial operation, the machine became interested in control of the Interior Ministry and the customer acted «Tigers». Mass production of cars «Tiger» was cooperated on the Arzamas Machine Building Plant (AMZ) where the current and day.

Vehicle is designed to transport people and various goods by road and off-road. Is a chassis frame construction, carrying on to a main body portion and aggregates. Car body metal-volume 5-door vehicle with a cargo compartment, designed to carry four people and up to 1,500 kg of cargo (armored winged-volume, designed to carry 6-9 people and 1,200 kg of cargo — for the army and police car variants). Load compartment separated from the passenger partition, has seats, which can be further positioned 2-4 people.

The package includes the standard car: power steering, is independent torsion suspension of all wheels with hydraulic shock absorbers and anti-roll bars resistance, transfer case with a lockable center differential with limited slip differentials interwheel overvalued friction wheel gearboxes, automatic tire inflation electrically operated, preheater, electronic winch.

GAZ-233001 «Tiger» can additionally be installed: the air conditioner; audio; powered; auxiliary heater; independent heater; anti-lock braking system.

Locking center differential cut one button on the panel, and a number of step-down box cut one arm. Cross-axle differentials — jaw, self-locking. Borrowed from BTR, like the wheel suspension double wishbone. Apart from this, BTR has taken a centralized system and swap wheels.

Body armor variants «Tiger» of heat-treated welded armor plates 5 mm (7 mm at the SPM-2), then it is subjected to a release for stress relief. Armored vehicle heavier than ordinary, with an iron body, 700 kg. Armored body came out so strong that you could completely do without a separate frame as armored personnel carriers. But in order to unify the armored body made removable. So on the same chassis can install different body — closed passenger, armored with a cargo platform. «Tiger» can carry a half ton of cargo.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin confirmed that it would buy a jeep «Tiger» with Russian engine itself and will use it as a company car. «Tiger» 30% cheaper euro counterpart. «If this young man,» the civilian «justify itself, why not buy it in the series? If there is a demand in the domestic market and the manufacturer deems the series, will be even cheaper, «- explained a senior bureaucrat.

Misha Pribilovski

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