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Antarctic ice were in the XX century, ten times stronger than the response to climate change, according to a study published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Earlier, French scientists discovered that features layers of ice in the drilled hole can be determined how much of the fallen in a given year was subjected to melting of snow in the subsequent summer. Scientists from the British National Centre for Antarctic Studies (BAS) using climate model analyzed the data and restore the temperature regime in Antarctica in the last millennium.

"During the coldest period for the continent in the last millennium — about 600 years ago — every summer melted about 0.5% of the amount of snow has fallen over the winter. By the end of XX century, this figure increased ten-fold, to 5% — a maximum of the last a thousand years "- said the head of research management Nerili Abram (Nerilie Abram).

Scientists have determined that the temperature gradually increased (by 1.6 degrees per 600 years), the amount of the annual summer ice melt has increased dramatically in the XX century. The authors concluded that the ice cover of the continent is now removed from the equilibrium state, and now even a small increase in temperature can lead to a rapid increase in the rate of melting of the ice.

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