Sales of cranes Ivanovec break records

In mid-September, a trading company "Ivanovo Brand" went abroad in 1000 sold cranes "Ivanovec" since the start of 2010.

"This year, sales are much more active than in the past — said the director of strategic marketing and business development," Ivanov brand "Alexander Tryndin. — By the end of the year we hope to sell 1,500 cranes "Ivanovec."

The most popular among consumers enjoy a 25-ton crane "Ivanovets" KAMAZ, MAZ and Ural.

During the first 9 months of 2009, it was sold only 560 cranes, which is almost two times less than this year. Such growth can hope to a serious increase in sales and production plants "crane" and "Gazprom-crane" in the near future, said the gradual recovery of industrial production as a whole.

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