Scary story

We are unaccustomed to the hustle and bustle of life to pay attention to those who sell us things, and do not try to find out how often they hit the market.

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Cheaper — this is the main principle. And there is sometimes to be very cautious and careful, especially when you buy the things that you bring into the house, or you give loved ones. This is because there may be things and killed a man sick, but there are stories and terrifying. There is a rule that you can not, under any circumstances, buy family or friends, and even more so, wear a thing made by another person to death.

Here is the true life story happened in Voronezh. Young woman in front of the New Year went on a small market, wanted to buy holiday gifts for children, husband, mother-in mother. Gift Guide for a long time, the big money she did not have.

Husband bought a suit, my mother — shawl and mother in law, which did not like and decided to buy something really cheap. In-law had not spoiled her gifts, was greedy and scandalous. At the counter in the market and there was an old woman selling her nightgown. After making sure that the old woman is selling her very inexpensive, a woman bought this shirt as a gift for her mother in law.

Shoved it in my bag, thanked him, but suddenly heard the grandmother said that she bought the shirt itself to death, but no money was tight, so she decided to sell it. And wished to wear it with pleasure. The woman was confused, looked after the retreating old woman wanted to catch up with her and get a shirt. But the old woman as if melted into the crowd.

In the morning, handing out gifts, woman remembered the word saleswoman shirts, and yet presented a gift-in-law. In-law was unhappy cheap gift, and all she thought about daughter, do not hesitate to lay out, but took the shirt. Morning-in-law did not come out of his room. Sister in law tried several times to reach her, but in the end — all, had to break open the door.

In-law was lying on the bed, his eyes wide open, it was quite clear that she's dead. She was wearing a new shirt.

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