Scientists have observed a merger of the two storms on Saturn




Giant atmospheric vortices on the giant planets like Saturn and Jupiter, in contrast to terrestrial cyclones or hurricanes live for a very long time — months, years and even centuries.

Sometimes, these vortices merge. The current case — only the second in a row similar observation on Saturn.

The cycle of images slowly suitable to each other storms transmitted to Earth at the end of March 2004 the spacecraft Cassini, who is now close to Saturn.

Speed of the storms in the atmosphere were 6 and 11 meters per second, the diameters of hurricanes — at 1,000 kilometers.

When they became closer, the zavraschalis around each other counterclockwise, and then merged. The process of rapprochement and fusion took about a month.

In June, the apparatus Cassini will approach closer to the planet.


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